Bunker Boys 24/8

Monday, August 20th

Bangpakong Riverside Golf Course

1st Geoff Parker (15) 43 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (15) 36 points

3rd Tony Robbins (24) 35 points

Near pins Jimmy Carr, Geoff Parker, Tony Robbins X 2

The smallest group this year assembled for the first game of the week at the Bangpakong Riverside Course. As always the course was in magnificent condition with well-grassed fairways and smooth slick greens. A number of changes are taking place at the course with trees being removed in some places as well as grassed areas, both are being replaced with waste areas. It is difficult to fathom the rationale behind these changes as in most peoples opinion they detract from the course and not add to it. Some are even placed in blind spots from the tee and thus create a bit of unfairness for those unaware of the changes. Once again the wind was strong today, it seems we are now in the windy season prior to monsoon season.

Geoff Parker came roaring back to form today with an exceptional round of forty-three points, sixteen points on the last five holes, a great score in the conditions. Second, went to Jimmy Carr a full seven strokes adrift on thirty-six points with Tony Robbins a further stroke back. Near pins went to Jimmy Carr, Geoff Parker, and two to Tony Robbins.

Wednesday, August 22nd


1st Paul Lanzetta (7) 36 points

2nd Raleigh Gosney (20) 33 points

3rd Geoff Cox (18) 32 points

Near pins Paul Lanzetta, Geoff Parker, and Jimmy Carr

The Bunker Boys made a return to Emerald today after an absence of about two months. On arrival, we found the course was clear, the weather fine but humid, so we looked set for a good speedy round. Unfortunately, after a few holes, we caught up to the dreaded Thai six-ball, fortunately, at the next parr three they took a break and generously allowed us to play through. The course was in its usual condition, well grassed but with greens a little on the slow side. The rough has been allowed to grow up in many areas so anyone offline was severely punished.

We had a bit of a U S A coup today with Raleigh introducing a fellow countryman and new member Paul Lanzetta who took the chocolates in his first visit with a score of thirty-six points off a seven handicap. Not to be outdone Raleigh himself came in second with thirty-three points, while the consistent Geoff Cox took third place on thirty-two points Near pins went to Paul Lanzetta, Geoff Parker, and Jimmy Carr.

Friday Augst 24th

Eastern Star

1st Geoff Cox (18) 33 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (15) 31 points

3rd Peter Allen (28) 30 points

Near Pins Geoff Cox X 4

The Bunker Boys made a return to Eastern Star after a two-month

hiatus. The clubhouse is still undergoing extensive renovations and refurbishment so conditions are a little difficult at present. The course is still in good condition but today a very still breeze made for more difficult than normal scoring. Usually at this course scoring is on the low side and today was no different with the bulk of the group failing to reach thirty points Today’s winner was Geoff Cox with a modest score of thirty-three points, Geoff was also the only one to reach a parr three green and therefore collected all four. Second place went to Jimmy Carr on thirty-one points while Peter Allen stayed in the race for golfer of the month claiming third spot on thirty points. All in all a difficult and disappointing day for most.

Geoff Parker super round at Bangpakong



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