Bunker Boys 24/6

Monday, June 24th

Pattana Sports and Country Club B & C.

1st Robby Watts (8) 37 points

2nd Stuart Brown (9) 36 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 34 points

Near pin Robby Watts, Barry Murnin, Skinny Newton.

We arrived at the course to find the car park chock-o-block and had to park in a remote car park some distance from the clubhouse. Our initial fears were allayed when we found out it was conference delegates and not golfers who took all the parking spaces so we were able to check in and tee off on time under grey skies in cool conditions. By the time the first group putted out on B1 the rain started to come down and quickly grew heavier forcing a retreat to the nearest drinks station. The outlook looked grim as the weather filled in all around and the siren was sounded suspending play. After a delay of about an hour and a quarter, the rain lightened sufficiently for play to resume. By this time the course was sodden with casual water in the fairways and on the greens, however, it drained away quite quickly. Until the greens drained properly putting was a bit of a lottery. After a few holes the rain started again but this time not heavy enough to hold up play.

Despite the testing conditions a few golfers managed to return decent scores with the best being Robby Watts who is used to these kinds of conditions in Melbourne and carded a score of thirty-seven. Stuart Brown, another Aussie from Wagga Wagga took second place with thirty-six while Michael Brett rounded out the scoring with a thirty-four having faded badly on the closing holes. Best near pin of the day went to skinny who got very close on the longest par three, with Barry Murnin and Robby Watts taking two of the remaining three.

Wednesday, June 26th

Greenwood B & C

1st Michael Brett (15) 36 points

2nd Sean Murphy (20) 35 points

3rd Stuart Brown (9) 34 points

Near pins Stuart Brown, Geoff Cox, Michael Brett

Unlike Monday when we arrived at the course to find a full car park today was the complete opposite with virtually nobody to be seen. We had the course to ourselves and completed the round in under three and a half hours. As always Greenwood was in nice condition and the weather mild and pleasant until the closing holes when the temperature rose markedly for some reason, could be the breeze that had been blowing finally blew itself out. A great lesson today is to play with a distinctive readily recognisable ball to avoid playing an incorrect ball as today’s winner did incurring a two-stroke penalty and wiping the hole. The more obvious solution is, of course, to check your ball each time before playing. Despite that slip up a solid round from Michael Brett who took first place with thirty-six points. Sean Murphy continued on his merry way playing consistently good golf and scoring thirty-five to take second place one stroke adrift with Stuart Brown in third place on thirty-four. Three of the four near pins were won with one each to Stuart Brown, Geoff Cox, and Michael Brett. Today we were pleased to welcome back a very tired Peter Allen after his marathon trip around Eastern Europe and various other hot spots, no Woody’s Bar for Peter after golf, it was back home to bed and catch up on lost sleep.

Friday, June 28th

1st Barry Murnin 38 points

2nd Jimmy Carr 36 points

3rd Robby Watts 34 points

What a disappointing end to the month’s golf today. We made the long trek up Hwy 7 to Bangpakong Riverside Country Club to find a course in possibly the worst condition anybody can remember. Normally this course is in excellent condition, lush and green and well manicured, not the case today. There were a number of bare or brown areas on the fairways and the greens which had been recently cored and sanded were slow and bumpy. In addition, a very strong blustery wind blew all day and made conditions even more difficult. Despite the course being crowded pace of play was fine up to about the thirteenth hole, thereafter it was slow but not unduly so. The renovations to the course continue to be a bone of contention for many with trees removed and blind waste areas in many parts of the course, the logic behind them have many scratching their collective heads.

Despite a poor front nine Barry Murnin stormed home on the back to take first place with a very respectable score of thirty-eight points. Second place went to Jimmy Carr with thirty-six and Robby Watts in third place on thirty-four. In the race for the golfer of the month, Sean Murphy who didn’t improve his score today had done enough to hold off a fast finishing Jimmy Carr, nice to see a visitor take the prize for a change.

Jimmy presents Sean Murphy with golfer of the Month trophy.



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