Bunker Boys 24-28/04

Bangpra(white tees),Stableford

1st Mike Brett(17)                                            36 pts

2nd Terry Hamilton(19)                                    34

3rd Les Burns(31)                                            32 coo

Near pins: Geoff Parker, Thomas Nyborg, Neil Carter.

Following the adventures of last week’s trip to Khao Yai it was back to normal golf today. A good turnout made the trip to Bangpra for a day of surprises. First was a very welcome 300 baht reduction in green fees. The second was the course which looked much greener and more grassed than our last visit, however, the greens were so much slower than we are used to at this venue, some had been cored and sanded, others just cored, and the rest still to be done resulting in very variable putting conditions.

The first group of three got held up at the third hole by a group of Germans who were terminally slow, however, they took a break at the first drinks station so we played through. When our second group came through they refused to give way and at the second drinks station, they were sidelined by the marshal until all our groups had gone through. Thereafter it was plain sailing all the way to the eighteenth.

Scoring was difficult with most struggling with the greens. The winner on the day was Michael Brett who despite a bit of a collapse on the back nine returned the only score equal to his handicap. A highlight of the day was a birdie by PJ on the long par three eighth, however, he lost that near pin to Thomas Nyborg. The race to “Golfer of the Month” is still wide open with at least four potential winners.


Wednesday April 26,

Greenwood, Medal.(White tees).

1st Geoff Cox(15)                                             71 oco

2nd Thomas Nyborg(13)                                   71

3rd Terry Hamilton(19)                                      73

Near pins: Gerry Cooney, Mike Brett, Terry Hamilton.

A smaller field for the last medal round of the month at one of our favorite course’s. Local radio and TV predicted rain and as we traveled to the course it looked ominously like the forecast might be correct. We teed up on the A nine and appeared to be the only golfers on the course. By the time we reached the ninth tee the weather had closed in leaving the first group exposed to the elements while the following groups took shelter, it could have been karma at work and the penalty to pay for slow play. Very strong winds with torrential rain, thunder and lighting necessitated a forty five minute delay before play was resumed.

Despite the trying conditions a couple of very fine scores of net seventy one were recorder by Thomas Nyborg and Geoff Cox with the latter taking first place by the narrowest of countback margins of 0.3. The rest of the scoring was mediocre at best.

Golf something throws up some curious anomalies, how do you explain a low handicap golfer like Neil Carter scoring two birdies, and then taking nine on a par three. If he ever gets some consistency into his game watch out for a very low scores.

After some discussion it was decided to leave the presentation time at 7.00pm as has been the case for many years as it was a better time than any of the suggested alternatives, democracy does work after all.


Friday April 28,

Crystal Bay,Stableford(white tees).

1st Takashi Hakozaki(13)                                   39 pts

2nd Neil Carter(12)                                             37

3rd Thomas Nyborg(13)                                     34

Near Pins: Takashi Hakozaki, Tony Robbins, Thomas Nyborg.

As we drove into Crystal Bay we noted how brown and dry the course looked. This was not the case when we left. Two massive thunderstorms complete with lightening, strong winds and torrential rain meant two breaks in play totaling ninety minutes. As we waited in a shelter during one break watching pools of water develop on the greens and fairways a huge water monitor crossed the fairway in front of us. Even at a distance this one was big as any we had ever seen. PJ scientifically deduced by counting the interval between lightening  flash and the sound of thunder that the lightening was no more than three kilometers away and decided to sit out most of the round in the comfort of the clubhouse. Rab similarly decided that wet weather golf was not his cup of tea and simply drove around the course in his cart with his playing partners.

Despite the treacherous conditions Takashi Hakozaki returned a great score of thirty-nine points to take first place, followed by Neil Carter on thirty-seven.

Golfer of the Month went to Michael Brett with Mondays win at Bangpra sealing the deal. With Neil Carter playing some excellent golf lately, a refreshed Colin Greig returning from the highlands next week and the ever present Geoff Parker who already holds about twenty-five golfer of the month trophies it will be interesting to see who delivers next month. We are expecting a flood of members returning in the coming weeks from various parts of the world, including one of the Bunker Boys all time favourites Gordon Melia, and we all look forward to increased numbers registering to play.

Takashi Hakozaki winner at Crystal Bay.

Mike Brett winner of Golfer of the Month

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