Bunker Boys 23/4

Crystal Bay

1st Peter Allen (31) 34 points

2nd Geoff Cox (18) 32 points

3rd Les Hall (25) 30 points

Near pins Geoff Cox, Michael Brett, Colin Greig X 2.

A reasonable field for the low season of eleven turned up to play at the Crystal Bay Course. The weather was once again hot and humid and dark clouds on the horizon thankfully stayed away. The course, particularly the C nine, is showing a lot of wear with many bare patches on the fairways and greens, the B nine was much better. It may be time to reopen the A nine which has been closed for over a year. Unusually for this course scoring was low with only two players managing to top thirty points. Top of the heap today was Peter Allen with a score of thirty-four points. Geoff Cox was second with a score of thirty-two. Geoff missed at least six putts from within eighteen inches and really should have scored much better. Les Hall rounded out the winner’s list with thirty points. Near pins went to Michael Brett, Geoff Cox, and two to Colin Greig. Golf courses are full of health hazards e.g. snakes, angry birds etc but today Neil Carter encountered a new one on his way from the eight green to the ninth tee when he got stung by an angry bee, some people will use any excuse for a low score.

Wednesday, April 25th.

Treasure Hill

1st Les Cobban (7) 37 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (18) 36 points

3rd Geoff Parker (14) 35 points

Near pins Peter Allen, Les Cobban X 3

Treasure Hill is a challenging course by any measure, today was something else. By the time our lead group aqpproached the first green the rain was tumbling down and when it came time to putt the green was waterlogged requiring balls to be placed on a part of the green least affected by the rain. The rain abated for a short time only to return with renewed intensity. Simultaneous lightning strikes and thunder claps meant that the center of the storm was right above us. After a scary period in a small shelter all braved the elements and returned to the clubhouse where it was expected that the game would be abandoned. Fairways and greens were flooded and many trees were split asunder by lightning strikes, bunkers were washed out or filled with water. After about forty minutes the rain stopped, fairways and greens drained rapidly and play was resumed. Naturally the pick, clean and place rule was applied and by the end of play the course was in such remarkably good condition it was unnecessary.

The star of the day was Les Cobban with a score of thirty-seven, not only did Les win he also took three near pins as well. Second place went to Jimmy Carr with thirty-six points while Geoff Parker brought up the rear with thirty-five points.The remaining near pin went to Peter Allen. It has been said many times that a player should always check their ball before playing a shot, today one member took his caddies word instead of checking and suffered a two stroke penalty which was the start of his downfall, some lessons carry a heavy penalty.

Friday April 27th

Pleasant Valley

1st Geoff Parker (14) 39 points

2nd Colin Greig (8) 35 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (18) 32 points

Near pins Colin Greig, Geoff Parker X 2.

Pleasant Valley is a course that has come a long way from the days some people disparagingly referred to it as unpleasant valley. Today the course was in superb condition with lush well grassed fairways and greens that ran true and were very good for putting. The sand in the bunkers was a bit compacted due to recent heavy rain so it was unavoidable. The day was oppressively hot and humid but the rain that threatened all day never eventuated. Speed of play was excellent and the round was completed in less than three and a half hours. Pick, clean and place rule was applied due to the recent downpours.

Geoff Parker was the shinning light today with a very good score of thirty-nine points, Geoff is now showing signs of recapturing his best golfing form again and showing greater consistency. Playing his last game for the time being Colin Greig took second place with thirty-five, while Jimmy Carr took third with thirty-two. Near pins went to Colin Greig and Geoff Parker X 2. The rain that had threatened all day finally hit on our way back to Pattaya and by the time we arrived in town the streets were flooded with most having difficulty finding a dry place to park.

Winner at Pleasant Valley Geoff Parker.



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