The Bunker Boys 22/08

Monday, August, 22nd, Eastern Star C.C.  White Tees  — Stableford —

The BB’s were obviously discomfited by the well-presented Eastern Star C.C.: not one of the thirteen players managed to play to their handicap; and 34 stableford points took first place.

Hip Hip Hooray for the groundskeeper! Unlike the vast majority of other courses in the area, the bunkers were in excellent nick. They were so pretty, you had a hard time staying out of them.

There was a bit of anxiousness back at The Club as people could be heard to say, “how many did you have on the back”, “how many did you have on the back”? This was the result of Les Burns, Neil Carter, Lee Butler, and Jimmy Carr all posting 32 points. Smiley Les walked off with the 3rd place prize by scoring 18 points, one better than Jimmy at 17.

1st) Geoff Cox (15) 34 pts

2nd) Raleigh Gosney (18) 33 pts

3rd) Les Burns (30) 32 pts cb

Near Pins: Mogens Melander, Colin Greig, Geoff Cox, Raleigh Gosney


Wednesday, August, 24th, Pattavia G.C.  — Rainbow —

Playing from the red, white, and blues is a real mind-fudger. One needs to match skill sets with t-boxes, and this is a lot easier said than done. Neil Carter entered the fray with a theory ( using the term lightly ) borrowed from Colin, i.e., get the blues out of the way from the go get, and save the reds for your last six. It obviously panned out as he posted a very respectable 39 points to take first place.

Neil wasn’t as fortunate with near pins as he hit two of the four greens only to be knocked-off by Trevor on the 7th, and Les Burns on the 13th. We were all amazed that no one was able to hit the par-3 17th, even though most players were playing from the reds at 152 yards.

When all is said and done, the whole shooting match should have been won by Raleigh as he had three par-putts lip-out, and two that missed by a you know what hair. Add these five points to his 35 and, yeap, you’ve got the winner.

1st) Neil Carter (15) 39 pts

2nd) Jimmy Carr (17) 38 pts cb

3rd) Les Cobban (8) 38 pts

Near Pins: Trevor Priestly, Les Burns, Jimmy Carr


Friday, August, 26th, Mountain Shadow G.C.  Blue Tees — Stableford —

For the last month or two, this course has been bouncing back and forth between scruffy and less scruffy. We’ll call today less scruffy although the bunkers and t-boxes were in terrible shape.

Geoff Parker took first place on count back over Jimmy with a paltry 33 points. Oh, what could of been. Geoff had at least five putts that missed by millimeters, and the wheels came off for Jimmy on the back: 13 points after posting 20 on the front.

With two rounds to go to decide Golfer of the Month, it’s neck and neck between four players: Colin Greig, Geoff Parker, Raleigh Gosney, and Neil Carter. Good luck to you all.

1st) Geoff Parker (13) 33 pts cb

2nd) Jimmy Carr (17) 33 pts

Near Pins: Gerry Cooney (2), Jimmy Carr



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