Bunker Boys 21/9

Monday, September 17th

Majestic Creek C & A

1st Geoff Cox 39 points

2nd Jimmy Carr37 points

3rd Geoff Parker 36 points

Nearest pin Geoff Cox, Longest putt Alan Sullivan

Best front nine Tom Herrington, best back nine John Pierrel

Six Bunker Boys and six from Tropical golf made the trip to Hua Hin for a week of golf at this wonderful golfing destination. The tour was organised by Mashi Kaneta and Tom Harrington and our thanks go to both for doing such a sterling job. The first venue was Majestic Creek, a fine course but probably the lesser of the courses we played. From the outset, it was decided not to use pick, clean, and place and with hindsight, it was probably not the right decision as often the ball plugged and had mud on it. This did not affect the scores which on the whole were very good. Geoff Parker was first out of the blocks with a stylish thirty-nine points Second went to Jimmy Carr on thirty-seven and Geoff Cox took third with thirty-six. The near pin went to Geoff Cox whilst the longest putt went to Alan Sullivan. Not to be left out Tropical took the best front and back nines going to  Tom Herrington and John Pierrel respectively.

Tuesday, September 18th


1st Jimmy Carr 42 points

2nd John Pierrel37 points

3rd Michael Brett 36 points

Nearest pin John Pierrel, longest putt Geoff Cox

Best front nine Tom Herrington, best back nine Geoff Parker

The second round was played at the wonderful Banyan course which was in fine condition although again a little damp in places. Once again the weather gods smiled on us as we had just finished play when the rain came tumbling down. Some found the course difficult but not Jimmy Carr who carded a magnificent forty-two points. Second, went to John Pierrel.a full five strokes adrift whilst Michael Brett brought up the rear with thirty-six. Near pin went to John Pierrel with Geoff Cox taking the longest putt. For the second day in a row, Tom Herrington had the best front nine, with Geoff Parker taking the back nine.

Thursday, 20th

Springfield A & C

1st Alan Sullivan 33 points

2nd John Pierrel 31 points

3rd Tom Herrington 30 points

Nearest pin Alan Sullivan, longest putt Jimmy Carr.

Best front nine Frank Xin, best back nine Geoff Parker

Our third round was played at the Springfield course on the A & C nines. The course was in excellent condition with no need for pick, clean and place today. Despite that scores were lower today than the previous two days. We got rained on for the first time but only for about ten minutes and not enough to halt play. Alan Sullivan took first place with a low score of thirty-three points, John Pierrel was second with thirty-one and Tom Herrington brought up the rear with thirty points.  Alan Sullivan took the nearest to the pin and Jimmy Carr with the broomstick took the longest putt. Frank Xin had the best front nine and the ever consistent Geoff Parker the back nine.

Friday, September 21st

Black Mountain

1st Geoff Parker 40 points

2nd Geoff Cox 38 points

3rd John Pierrel36 points

Nearest Pin Michael Brett, longest putt John Pierrel.

Best front nine Tom Herrington, back nine  John D.

Best pair Geoff Parker and Frank Xin, second Geoff Cox and Michael Brett

third Mashi Kaneta and Tom Herrington

As with all well-organised events the best is saved till last and so it was today at Black Mountain. Many claim Black Mountain is the best course in Thailand, a claim with which it is hard to argue. The course was in pristine condition, so well manicured and presented there was nothing out of place. Due to extremely heavy overnight rain, it was decided to use pick, clean and place for todays round. The quality of the course was reflected in the scores with Geoff Parker who had a very good week taking first place with forty points. Geoff Cox also played excellent golf to take second place with John Pierrel in third place. Michael Brett got nearest the pin and John Pierrel the longest putt. A number of prizes were donated so an extra prize for the top three pairs. Not surprisingly Geoff Parker and Frank Xin took first place, Geoff Cox and Michae Brett second and Mashi and Tom Herrington third. Not a great week for Les Hall who suffered from a back ailment which no doubt played a big part in him winning the lowest Stableford total for the week

Jimmy Carr 42 points at Banyan





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