Bunker Boys 21/12

Monday, December 21st


1st Michael Brett (16) 35 points

2nd Myles Knowlson (13) 32 points

3rd Geoff Parker (18) 31 points

Near pins Jimmy Carr, Michael Brett, & Les Cobban X 2.

A very strong unseasonally cool wind bordering on chilly made for difficult conditions today on a course that is already difficult enough. The course was in excellent condition and the greens are now back to their treacherous best, however, some of the pin placements bordered on unfair, the greenkeeper clearly has a wicked sense of humour. The sixth green used to be seen as the most difficult, shaped like an upturned saucer but now the eighteenth with its speed and very steep slope has people tearing their hair out, that is those with hair. One of our best putters Les Cobban had four puts on this green whilst Myles Knowlson completely lost his cool, causing him to later apologise to his playing partners.

The monkeys were out in force today and anyone not paying attention was in danger of losing items from their bag or golf cart. Even the ladies in the drinks stations had to have pellet guns to keep them at bay.

First place went to Michael Brett with thirty-five points despite a wipe on the last hole. Myles despite a sleepless night took second place on thirty-two with Geoff Parker bringing up the rear. Les managed to hold onto two of the three near pins on which he had his name with one each going to Jimmy Carr and Michael Brett.

Wednesday, December 23rd

Pleasant Valley

1st Bob Paine (20) 35 points

2nd Michael Brett (16) 32 points

3rd Bob Innes (31) 32 points

Near pins Bob Paine, Bob Innes, & Dave Ashman X 2.

Near pins Bob Paine, Bob Innes, and Dave Ashman X 2.

After a long absence, the Bunker Boys made a return to Pleasant Valley. The course was in excellent condition and the caddies were amongst the best we encounter anywhere, professional, polite, and good fun. The course was just about at capacity today, reminiscent of former high seasons, very welcome for the course management and testament to how good the course is in its present state.

We had a rare instance of club throwing today from someone who shall remain nameless, but somebody who should know better, perhaps another apology is forthcoming. We may have to implement a penalty for anyone throwing a club, perhaps a compulsory ring of the bell. Two of our members were seen playing off the ladies tee on the twelfth without being appropriately attired, as it happens both were playing their third shots having failed to cross the water.

After a mediocre start, Bob Paine got it together to post the best round of the day with thirty-five points. In contrast, Michael Brett did the opposite, starting well but tailing off through the round with a mixture of poor options and bad luck. Bob Innes playing of a more realistic handicap for a beginner was beaten on countback for third. Dave Ashman was on fire on the par threes with his name on three flags and keeping two.

It was suggested after the round that this course might be ideally suited to the Rainbow format as the short hitters are severely punished on the holes where a longer drive is required, food for thought.

Ominous signs of another lockdown loom large at present, for now, its just

whispers, fingers crossed it won’t materialise particularly if  recent outbreaks in Bangkok and elsewhere can be contained.

Friday 25th Christmas Day.

Parichat, Rainbow

1st Tony Robbins (17) 29 points

2nd Bob Paine (20) 28 points

3rd Michael Brett (16) 28 points

Near pins Bob Paine, Michael Brett, & Dave Ashman X 2.

All things considered, a field of ten was a decent roll-up for our Christmas Day game at Parichat where as usual the format was rainbow. The fairways were not as good as we have come to expect and several  players experienced substandard lies, some areas should have been designated G.U.R. while some of the pin placements on the greens were extremely difficult. To add further to the difficulty the wind was up again, consequently scoring was of a low standard.

Another reason could also be that some may had overdone the seasonal festivities on Christmas Eve.

A lowly twenty-nine points was sufficient for Tony Robbins to take first place. Four golfers finished on twenty-eight, so a countback decided second and third with Bob Paine and Michael Brett taking the honours. Once again Dave Ashman got two near pins for the second time this week, where was Les Cobban?, Bob Paine and Michael Brett got the other two.

Bob Paine, winner at Pleasant Valley.

Tony Robbins, Christmas Day winner.

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