Bunkerboys 25/03

Monday 21 st March Bangpra, Stableford,

A Division

0 – 18.6

1st Neil Carter (18) 37pts

2nd Gerry Cooney (16) 36pts

3rd Keith Hemmings (18) 34pts

B Division

18.7 – 36

1st Tom McDowell (20) 33pts

2nd Peter Habgood (23) 32ptscb

3rd Richard Snellin (23) 32ptscb

Near Pins

Geoff Parker,Dave Stadon,Gerry Keys.

21 players for the trip to Bangpra . This is a great venue but it has been hard hit by the drought and they only have enough water to maintain the greens. The fairways were very dry and hard enabling most players to achieve greater distances off the tee however it made the second shots much harder off the hard sometimes bare lies. A  Division recorded the better scores with Neil Carter 37pts beating Gerry Cooney 36pts with Keith Hemmings 34pts third. In B Division Tom McDowell won with 33pts with a three way count back for the other places. Peter Habgood taking second, Richard Snelling third and unfortunate Ken Young missing out, all with 32pts

Wednesday 23 rd March Mountain Shadow Stableford
A Flight
Gerry Cooney (16) 36 points
Colin Greig (10)     35
Tony Robbins (14) 34
B Flight
Keith Hemmings (19)  34 points
Les Hall (24)               33
Tore Eliessen (20)      31

Near Pins
Colin Greig, Keith Hemmings, Peter Allen, Tom McDowell.
A good turnout of 21 golfers for our fixture at this popular course.A great pity that the lack of rain is having on courses in this area as we are finding large areas of thinning brown grass coverage that makes playing out of bunkers seem like the norm. In fairness the greens were in good shape putting smooth and not too fast. We must also bring to attention of the management the lack of control by the starter in permitting groups of five Korean golfers to head out in mass on their buggies and occupy all the vacant holes in front of golfers already on the course thereby slowing the rate of play considerably.
Gerry Cooney was the winner in the A flight and despite the adverse affect the Koreans pushing in had on Keith Hemmings he was still able to win the B flight. Special mention must be made of Ken Davidson who managed 9 stableford points on the first two par fives with a birdie and a par on his last game before returning home.

Friday 25th March Emerald, Medal.

1st Colin Greig (10) Net 72

2nd Keith Hemmings (19) Net 73 cb

3rd Les Hall (24) Net 73

Near Pins

Tony Robbins,John Hughes,Keith Hemmings,Sandy Bennie.

14 players for Emerald. Some don’t like medal and a few players were put off as last time we played here the Greens were lightening fast but today they were quite normal and overall the course was in good shape. With the special price for green fee, caddy and golf cart at ThB1200 it was excellent value. Members continue to leave for northern shores but we welcomed back John Hughes making a cameo appearance after a succession of injuries.

Colin Greig took the honours with a net 72 and also took the lead in the Golfer of the month with two games to go. Keith Hemmings came storming home after a poor front nine to record a net 30 on the back nine  beating Les Hall for second place on count back both with net 73. This was Keith’s last game for a while so we saw Ken Davisdson, Mike Lloyd and Keith all depart this week.


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