Bunker Boys 2/11

Monday, October 29th

Pattana Golf and Country Club B & C.

1st Geoff Cox (16) 37 points

2nd Geoff Parker (15) 35 points

3rd Paul Lanzetta (7) 34 points

Near pins Neil Carter, Keith Norman, Paul Lanzetta X 2.

A field of twelve fronted up for the first game of the week at the beautiful Pattana Country Club. In the past, we have only played this course rarely and always in low season. If current fees stay comparable with other venues then, without doubt, we will play this course more often. Today we were allocated B & C nines and as is often the case many found themselves in the water on this intimidating starting hole. The course was in beautiful condition but despite that, we had a mix of scores from good to mediocre.

Geoff Cox’s motto in golf is “keep hanging in”, this attitude certainly paid dividends today. Having started his round in mediocre fashion he suddenly sprung into life with a birdie on the seventh hole and continued on in the same vein to the end amassing thirty-seven points to take first place. Second, went to Geoff Parker with a steady thirty-five points while Paul Lanzetta took third with thirty-four points. Paul also snared two near pins with Keith Norman and Geoff Parker taking one each. Luck plays a part in golf even down to the caddie one is allocated. Some caddies are brilliant, attentive, helpful and provide encouragement and good lines on the greens, others give the impression they would rather be anywhere else. One of our members is having a particularly difficult time lately finding a caddie to his liking

Wednesday, October 31st

Eastern Star

1st Jimmy Carr (15) 34 points

2nd Takeshi Hakozaki (12) 33 points

3rd Tony Robbins (22) 33 points

Near Pins Takeshi Hakozaki, Neil Carter, & Michael Brett

The last game of the month was played at the Eastern Star course. This is a course that has undergone a massive transformation in recent months. The clubhouse renovations are now completed and are brilliant. The change rooms and showers are amongst the best anywhere, bright, spacious, and with piped music are a very welcoming place to be. The course was also in tip-top condition and the bunkers have recently been resanded and well groomed. If there was a criticism it would be that the bunkers are extremely difficult to play from with dry fluffy sand and almost always leaving a fried egg lie. Cart paths have been installed around the course and its fair to say that this is now an excellent golf venue.

Today the wind was strong making a challenging course even more difficult, so scores were modest at best. Jimmy Carr took first place with thirty-four points whilst Takeshi Hakozaki took second edging out Tony Robbins on countback. Near pins went to Takeshi, Neil Carter, and Michael Brett.

As it was the last game of the month it was time to decide the golfer of the month. Michael Brett put together six consecutive rounds of thirty-five plus to set the pace early and say to the rest of the team catch me if you can. A few such as Geoff Parker, Geoff Cox, and Neil Carter gave valiant chase but in the end, only Neil Carter was in a position to overtake him which he looked like doing with two birdies in the first five holes only to mess up with a couple of wipes and  fade out of contention needing a score of thirty-nine to tie, a score that was out of reach.

Friday, November 2nd


1st Tony Robbins (22) 40 points

2nd Geoff Parker (15) 37 points

3rd Neil Carter (11) 36 points

4th Neil Griffin (26) 36 points

Near pins Brendan Harnett, Alan Sullivan, and Geoff Cox.

At the risk of tempting fate, it may be safe to say we are now out of rainy season after a week of clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine that has transformed courses from soggy with plugged balls requiring the pick, clean, and place rule to fairways with twenty to thirty yards of run. Another indicator might be the number of golfers, eighteen today our biggest number since high season. The Pattavia course was up to its usual standard but the greens had not fully recovered from recent coring and sanding and were a bit bumpy with occasional pebbles still on the surface, sometimes deviating putts offline..The speed of play was average at best with a few delays on the par threes.

Having been in hibernation since his forty-seven a month ago Tony Robbins sprung back to life today with forty points to take first place with a display of chipping and putting that had his playing partners scratching their heads. Geoff Parker came second with a very creditable thirty-seven points with Neil Carter a stroke back on thirty-six. Neil Griffin in his first game since returning took fourth place losing on countback to Neil Carter. Only three of the four near pins were taken, one each going to Brendan Harnett, Alan Sullivan, and Geoff Cox.

Golfer of the Month Michael Brett






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