Bunker Boys 18/3

Monday, March 18th


1st Mike Lloyd (18) 36 points

2nd Keith Smithson (4) 34 points

3rd Robby Watts (8) 34 points

Near pins Keith Norman, Robby Watts, and Keith Smithson.

Once again two nice surprises lay in store for the Bunker Boys at the Bangpra course, first we didn’t have to wait till eleven o’clock to check in and second, sports day pricing was in operation so a nice discount on the green fee was welcomed by all. When we got to the first tee we found several groups waiting to start their rounds so a little patience was required. Once we did tee off the round progressed at a decent pace with no hold-ups. Conditions were overcast with the wind blowing which was indicative that rain might be imminent, however, it stayed dry for the whole round. The course was not in as good condition as we have come to expect and would have benefited greatly from the rain that threatened. The water catchment areas were at the lowest levels seen in a long time.

In the last week of his short stay with us, Mike Lloyd continued to play at a high standard and secured first place with a score of thirty-six points. Second, went to Keith Smithson on thirty-four beating Robby Watts into third on countback. The thirteenth par four which on the face of it looks like a fairly innocuous hole may well be appropriately numbered as an inordinate number of golfers visit the water in front of the green, all three of our second group did just that with relatively simple second shots. Once again John Hughes “didn’t because he couldn’t”, John has developed a phobia about water carries and once again visited the drink both on and off the course. Near pins went to Keith Norman, Robby Watts, and Keith Smithson.

Wednesday, March 20th

Eastern Star

1st Michael Brett (15) 37 points

2nd Rocky Ishi (16) 36 points

3rd Robby Watts (8) 35 points

4th Keith Smithson (4) 34 points

Near pins Rocky Ishi, Daryl Vernon, & Michael Brett X 2.

The imminent departure of several of our members including Keith Norman, Mike Lloyd, and Keith Smithson drew out a very good low season field of eighteen for our midweek game at Eastern Star. We were meant to have PSC vouchers for today’s round but the PSC had run out of them and the course didn’t have any to purchase either, so a stalemate on the green fee was resolved after some serious negotiations, as always a bit of compromise on both sides did the trick. Eastern Star is a difficult course at the best of times but was even more so today with a strong wind blowing. Overall the course was in decent condition although some found the greens very tricky. Very few people on the course meant a nice quick round was had by all. Now that low season is upon us speed of play should no longer be an issue and most golfers are now more conscious of the need to play at a respectable pace, it’s nice to see those who are deemed to be a bit tardy making an effort to play with a little more haste.

Despite missing four puts from within six feet, (three for birdie) Michael Brett did enough to take first place with thirty-seven points. Rocky Ishi in only his third outing with us took second place with thirty-six points. As always Robby Watts is somewhere in the mix and took third with thirty-five points whilst Keith Smithson rounded out the winner’s circle with thirty-four. Daryl Vernon is becoming a bit of a near pin specialist and snared one again today, Rocky Ishi took another with the remaining two going to Michael Brett.

Friday, March 22nd

Royal Lakeside

1st Les Cobban (8) 33 points

2nd Michael Brett (15) 33 points

3rd Lance Conway-Jones

Near pins Michael Brett, Lance Conway-Jones X 2.

As is the case anywhere in the world when traveling on the roads it is advisable to pay attention to where one is going, otherwise one may find themselves in a place not of their choosing as happened today with one of our group, missing not one but two turnoffs to the course. and arriving thirty minutes late. As a consequence, the whole order of play was disrupted and we ended up with one two ball in the middle of our groups. Royal Lakeside is a challenging course made all the more so today as we played off the blue tees at six-thousand, six hundred and fifty yards with a strong wind blowing, so consequently nobody was able to master the conditions and scores were low. Two managed to compile a modest score of thirty-three points with Les Cobban beating Michael Brett on countback. Lance Conway-Jones took third place one stroke back as well as two near pins, Michael Brett took the third with the final near pin not claimed. To understand how tough golf can be in Thailand, Craig Dow a scratch golfer from Melbourne playing with us over the last month of a four handicap only managed to break thirty twice and never appeared in the winner’s circle, however he did win a pool game back at the bar so maybe that was his consolation.

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