Bunker Boys 17/8

Monday, August 17th

Bangpakong Riverside Country Club

1st Geoff Parker (18) 39 points

2nd Tony Robbins (21) 36 points

3rd Les Cobban (8) 34 points

Near pins Jimmy Carr, Michael Brett, & Les Cobban X 2.

On our last visit to Bangpakong prior to lockdown and the advent of the rainy season, the course was in disappointing condition hence the extended interval between visits. Today it was back to what we have come to expect except for a few wet areas on fairways where the watering system may have broken down. The weather was the hottest we have had in some time and the normal cooling breeze was absent.

Geoff Parker was the man in form today with a very nice round of thirty-nine points narrowing the gap on Tony Robbins in the race for the golfer of the month. Tony on the other hand already has just about enough points to take the trophy, even though we are only halfway through the month, today he had another good round with thirty-six points. Les Cobban failed by his standards today, no thirty-nine points, instead thirty-four to take third place. He was however on target on the par threes taking two near pins, with one each going to Jimmy Carr and Michael Brett

Wednesday, August 19th

Kabin Buri.

1st Tony Robbins (21) 30 points

2nd Geoff Atwell (23) 29 points

3rd Geoff Parker (18) 29 points

Near pins Les Cobban, Alan Sulivan, & Jimmy Carr

A flying visit to Kabin Buri with an overnight stay at Serenity Resort and Spa. The area has had a lot of rain recently so it was decided to play pick, clean, and place, as it turned out it was barely necessary as the course had dried out remarkably in the last twenty-four hours. The greens had been sanded on the front nine but somehow we managed to stay ahead of the sander on the back nine.

The weather was hot and humid and with no wind, it became a bit oppressive so fatigue played a big part in the round. Only one member took a cart and it didn’t seem to help his game either as across the board scores were poor.

First place went to Tony Robbins with a very modest thirty points, second went to Geoff Atwell on twenty-nine and Geoff Parker closed out the scoring on the same number. Near pins went to Les Cobban, Alan Sullivan, and Jimmy Carr. It’s hard to explain why everybody failed today, even those in very good recent

form but I guess that’s the nature of golf.

Thursday, August 20th

Lotus Valley

1st Les Cobban (8) 33 points

2nd Geoff Parker (18) 32 points

3rd Michael Brett (16) 31 points

Near pins Jimmy Carr, Geoff Cox, & Les Cobban.

Following an overnight stay at Serenity Spa & Resort, we had a two hours drive to Lotus Valley. As we neared the course it seems Google navigation had not kept pace with road changes and gave us a bum steer which caught out everyone, fortunately, it didn’t result in too much inconvenience and everyone arrived well before tee time. An all-in fee of fifteen hundred baht was excellent value for a course of this quality.

Light spitting rain fell for most of the front nine but gave way to sunny conditions for the remainder of the round. Pick, clean, and place was again in operation. and this time it was necessary as there were several mudballs. Most were pleased with the caddies who in general were of a higher standard than the average caddie.

Despite playing off the white tees the course played long and with no run getting to the putting surface on the longer holes proved a real challenge. Scores were again lower than expected although better than yesterday. Les Cobban took first with thirty-three and had a few sob stories about lost opportunities to do better. Geoff Parker took second with thirty-two points. In third place, Michael Brett blew a chance to win by playing poorly on the closing two holes when in position to take the top prize. Near pins went to Jimmy Carr, Geoff Cox, and Les Cobban.

Despite the low scores and the sometimes poor golf everybody thoroughly enjoyed the trip, it’s always a pleasure to play superior courses and stay in excellent accommodation, hopefully, the break from our routine will refresh some spirits and better play will follow.

Friday, August 21st


1st Michael Brett (16) 38 points

2nd Dave Ashman (22) 38 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 35 points

Near pins Dave Ashman & Michael Brett.

Torrential rain through the night and into the morning made golf unlikely today, however by departure time it had cleared. The fine weather golfers stayed away so low numbers today, could also be that three days in a row was too much for all but the diehards.

The course was empty when we started but by the back nine, it became crowded, probably another late tee off deal kicked in. Pick, clean, and place was again in operation and it was necessary, despite that the course was in good condition but as with most courses lately the rough was deep, probably a cost-cutting measure to save mower fuel.

The week finished as it began with good scoring, Dave Ashman and Michael Brett were tied on thirty-eight points with the latter taking it on countback. Jimmy Carr took third place with thirty-five points. Only two near pins were won with one each to Dave Ashman and Michael Brett.

The Thai government is promoting domestic tourism to help the economy during COVID restrictions on border entries and the Bunker Boys are getting in on the spirit already planning our next away trip to Kanchanaburi instead of the usual Hua Hin trip in September. Courses Like Royal Ratchaburi, Grand Prix, and Evergreen Hills are amongst the courses on our list so those interested should secure a place early. The Good Times Inn will be our base.

Geoff Parker, winner at Bangpakong

Bunker Boys and Girls on tour

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