Bunker Boys 16/12

Monday, December 16th


1st Les Cobban (8) 38 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 38 points

3rd Keith Hemmings (22) 33 points

4th John Hughes (21) 33 points

Near pins Murray Greig, Robby Watts, Tony Robbins, & Les Cobban.

It seems at times some people never learn, today we had another issue with green fees at Bangpra similar to last year where we were being gouged an extra two hundred baht on the price quoted at the time of booking. After much argument, it was finally agreed we could have the agreed price but could not check in till eleven, not the best start to a round, could another boycott be imminent?.

The course was in very poor shape, extremely dry and in need of a real drenching. So much leaf litter was strewn across the course it was difficult to find balls even in the middle of the fairways.

The reclusive Les Cobban who must have spent the last few weeks at the driving range returned today and brought his A-game with a score of thirty-eight to take first place on countback from Jimmy Carr who also had his best score for some time. Another tie for third and fourth place with Keith Hemmings edging out John Hughes on thirty-three. Keith also edged out Peter Kelly in the fashion stakes with some very snappy gear. Near pins went to Murray Greig, Robby Watts, Tony Robbins, and Les Cobban. Ken Davidson got the booby prize for the most bunkers found, Ken spent so much time in the Lebanese lawns we considered sending out for a bucket and spade.

Wednesday, December 18th

Khao Kheow B & C

1st Peter Botswell (18) 43 points

2nd Ken Davidson (24) 41 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 36 points

4th Neil Jones (22) 35 points

Near pins Peter Botswell, Peter Kelly, & Murray Greig.

Normally this time of year golf courses are in the best condition we see them after monsoon rain and end of year maintenance, however, this year is very different. So little rain fell during the wet season that courses are now parched dry and water catchments empty. Even good courses like Khao Kheow are suffering and with no prospect of rain anytime soon courses will only deteriorate further making it difficult to justify high season pricing when conditions are so poor.

Another hot day today at Khao Kheow where we had to waite about half an hour to tee off due to the late arrival of another society in front of us. Once we got underway the speed of play was good so in the end no big problem. As the course was so dry there was plenty of run on the fairways which made it play short and almost certainly accounted for some of the excellent scoring.

Top position went to short-time visitor Peter Botswell who returned an excellent score of forty-three points with borrowed clubs. Ken Davidson finally did get a cut in his handicap of one and may well receive another if he continues to play like today with forty-one points in second place. Jimmy Carr also had a good round in third place on thirty-six points and Neil Jones rounded out the scoring in fourth place with thirty-five points. Near pins went to Murray Greig, Peter Kelly, and Peter Botswell.

A special prize for the longest drive went to Jimmy Carr, unfortunately, it was not on the course but on the way to the course. For some reason, Jimmy went to Treasure Hill instead of Khao Kheow and then had to come all the way back. To make matters worse Jimmy got back on hwy 7 instead of frontage road and couldn’t exit at the Khao Kheow turn off so had to go all the way to Chonburi hwy before he could make a u-turn and come back, one has to wonder if his passengers were sleeping during this excursion.

Friday, December 20th

Eastern Star

1st Colin Greig (10) 30 points

2nd Neil Jones (22) 29 points

3rd Geoff Cox (17) 28 points

Near pins Neil Jones, Keith Norman, & Gary Smith

Over recent times the Bunker Boys have enjoyed something of a fractious relationship with the Eastern Star course. Canceled bookings and higher than agreed green fees coupled with an intransigent attitude by course management unwilling to compromise probably was the reason so few turned up for this fixture with ten being the lowest high season attendance anyone can remember. Add in the fact that the course was in very shabby condition and several members dislike the course anyway and you have a recipe for a boycott or at least people not in a good mindset for play. This is another course in desperate need of soaking rain.

Most golfers today found the course very difficult which was reflected in the abysmally low scores returned. Colin Greig topped the list with a meager thirty points and was as surprised as anyone that he won. Neil Jones came second with twenty-nine and Geoff Cox third with twenty-eight. Near pins went to Neil Jones, Keith Norman, and Gary Smith. One player who shall remain nameless had the grand total of four points for his round.

Peter Botswell

Colin Greig

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