Bunker Boys 15/7

Monday, July 15th

Greenwood C & B

1st Jimmy Carr (15) 33 points

2nd Tony Robbins (23) 30 points

3rd Chris Delamare (1) 29 points

Near pins Robby Watts, Tony Robbins.

Greenwood is a course that most look forward to playing, always in good shape and reasonably priced as it was again today. A bright sunny day with clear blue skies and a slight breeze blowing meant conditions for golf were perfect, however, this was not reflected in the scoring which was poor at best. Once again Jimmy Carr who seems to improve with age was the winner again today with a modest score of thirty-three. Tony Robbins came second with thirty and Chris Delamare took third with twenty-nine. Near pins went to Chris Delamare and Tony Robbins with two unclaimed, a measure of how poorly most played. A timely reminder to all golfers to check their equipment after every round, today Robby Watts found to his dismay that his rangefinder was missing from his bag, his caddy neglected to give it back to him after his last round which adversely affected his game today and necessitated a trip back to Khao Kheow  to retrieve it, at least he did get it back.

Wednesday, July 17th

Eastern Star

1st Jimmy Carr (15) 33 points

2nd Robby Watts (9) 32 points

3rd Tony Robbins (20) 30 points

Near Pins Robby Watts.

Despite being a Buddha holiday the Eastern Star Course kept their green and caddie fees at sports day pricing, consequently, the course was quite busy for low season with at least two other major groups on the course. As there were several groups waiting on the first tee who chose to play the back nine first and got away on time, however by the second nine we ran up against a slow six-ball and it got a bit tedious thereafter. The course was fine with the exception of the greens which had recently been sanded and many not very evenly so speed control was a major challenge as was reflected in the scores returned. It doesn’t seem to matter lately what the winning score is, it always seems to have Jimmy Carr’s name to it as was the case again today. Robby Watts came in second one adrift and Tony Robbins rounded out the scores with a modest thirty points. Only one near pin was claimed, going to  Robby Watts, a further indication of how difficult the course played with a stiff breeze blowing.

Friday, July 19th

Treasure Hill

1st Robby Watts (9) 37 points

2nd Geoff Cox (15) 31 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 30 points

Near pins Jimmy Carr & Michael Brett X 2.

The week’s golf ended with a game at the difficult Treasure Hill course in hot steamy conditions. Thunder and lightning appeared on the horizon over the closing holes, however, it never came our way. This is a course that seems to have most golfers psyched out with several dogleg holes and trees in all the most inconvenient places. The only one to master the course and conditions was Robby Watts with a first-place score of thirty-seven, Robby has never shot less than thirty-six on this course so clearly, it presents no mental issues for him. Second place went to Geoff Cox with thirty-one and third place went to Michael Brett with thirty points. Near pins went to Jimmy Carr and two to Michael Brett. Having been on fire for weeks Jimmy failed miserably today with his lowest score of the year, also losing all three sixes which as everyone knows is a disaster for Jimmy.


Jimmy Carr


Robby Watts


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