Bunker Boys 15/3

Monday, March 11th

Greenwood B & C

1st Mike Lloyd (18) Net 68

2nd Ken Davidson (23) 70

3rd Robby Watts (8 ) Net 72

Team prize Raleigh Gosney & Ken Davidson 66 points

Near pins Robby Watts, Geoff Parker X 2

Sports day pricing was the first nice surprise for the Bunker Boys today making the round less than one thousand baht green/caddie fee. The second surprise was to find such an excellent course deserted, we virtually had the place to ourselves so a nice casual round with no delays was had. The weather was hot and steamy so sunscreen and hydration were a priority. We were meant to play medal but for reason known only to Jimmy Carr we ended up playing three different games all at the same time, medal, stableford, and two ball multiplier, the big surprise was that some groups didn’t play sixes as well.

Having promised to deliver on every occasion since he arrived Mike Lloyd finally did the business today taking first place with an excellent score of net sixty-eight. Mike has started well every time he played only to fade away, today he carried through all the way to the end. Ken Davidson was second with net seventy, whilst Robby Watts rounded out the scoring with seventy-two. Raleigh Gosney and Ken Davidson took out the team multiplier with sixty-six points.

Only three of the four near pins were won with Robby Watts taking one and Geoff Parker taking two. Today was the last game for our former leader Neil Carter who departs back to his native Canada on Wednesday to start a new life with wife Yaya and son Jack,  we wish them all well and look forward to seeing them back in Thailand with a bunch of Canadian golfers sometime in the not too distant future.

Wednesday, March 13th

Khao Kheow B & C

1st Geoff Parker (16) 33 points

2nd Robby Watts (8) 33 points

3rd Keith Norman(13) 32 points

Near pins Robby Watts, Michael Brett, and Mike Lloyd X 2

Having enjoyed a deserted course on Monday we found ourselves in a log jam today at Khao Kheow. Two other societies were out before us with one on each of the starting holes so nothing for it but to wait patiently till they had hit off and our turn eventually came. Despite being so busy the speed of play was surprisingly good with no further hold-ups and the round completed in four hours. Once again the temperature was blisteringly hot, even a strong breeze, particularly on the C nine failed to moderate the temperature so fatigue became prevalent as the round progressed. As a consequence, the scoring was on the very low side with nobody registering a decent score. Geoff Parker and Robby Watts finished with thirty-three points each with Geoff taking first on countback. Keith Norman took third a point back as well as winning all three sixes in his group. Despite not living up to the high standard he set on Monday,  Mike Lloyd managed two near pins with Robby Watts and Michael Brett taking the remaining two. The island hole proved less of a problem than normal today with just about everyone managing to hit the putting surface. Overall the greens were very slippery today with few managing to hold approach shots on the putting surface and many failing to come to terms with the speed, three puts were the order of the day.

Friday, March 15th

Bangpakong Riverside Country Club.

1st Keith Norman (13) 39 points

2nd Geoff Parker (16) 38 points

3rd Keith Smithson (30) 35 points

Near pins, Keith Smithson, Mike Lloyd, and Keith Norman X 2.

Another windy day for our last game of the week at Bangpakong Riverside Country Club. As expected for low season the pace of play was fine except on a few occasions golfers had to wait for caddies to arrive at their ball. As the grass is spongy caddies understandably use the cart paths to go from one shot to the next which slows play a quite a bit and frustrates players, today the caddies seemed particularly slow which was a surprise at this course as they are normally of a high standard. It seems the new rules changes designed to speed up play are not having the desired effect.

Keith Norman continues to perform with great consistency taking first place once again with a fine round of thirty-nine. Keith had a red hot putter today and knocked them from all distances proving again if there was ever any doubt about it if you cant put you can’t win at golf. He also won all three sixes in his group for the second day running. Geoff Parker is also now starting to play like the golfer we know he is and took second place with thirty-eight points. Keith Smithson rounded out the winner’s circle with a score of thirty-five in third place. Near pins went to Keith Smithson, Mike Lloyd and two to Keith Norman. Daryl Vernon has featured in the shot of the day on a few occasions, today was the opposite when he failed to make it to the ladies tee with his first drive. After a brief illness, John Hughes is rumored to make a return next week.


Mike Lloyd



Keith Norman

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