Bunker Boys 15/2

Monday, February 11tth

Soi Dao

1st Alan Sullivan 40 points

2nd Richard Mohns 37 points

3rd Neil Carter 36 points

Winning team Paul Smith team

With the cancellation of next weeks Kabin Buri trip a small group organised by Keith Norman grew into a much bigger event with a total of twenty-four golfers plus some partners making the trip up Sukhumvit to the beautiful Soi Dao course for two rounds of golf. As always the course was in pristine condition, the weather was beautiful, so all in all perfect conditions for golf. The lowest six handicapped players were selected as captains and they, in turn, picked three playing partners in a draw. Prizes were on offer for the best three individual scores plus the winning team. On what is his favorite course Alan Sullivan produced the round of the day with a well compiled forty points, not surprisingly Alan was also on the winning team. Second place went to Richard Mohns with thirty-seven points with Neil Carter third on thirty-six points. The winning team was the Paul Smith team which was comprised of Alan Sullivan, Daryl Vernon and Geoff Cox.

Tuesday, February 12th

Soi Dao

1st Roger Touhy 35 points

2nd Colin Greig 33 points

3rd Paul Smith 32 points

4th Les Cobban 31 points

5th Tony Robbins 30 points

Near pins Tony Robbins, Neil Carter, Jimmy Carr, and Michael Brett

The second day of competition got off to a bad start as Robby Watts must have eaten a bad prawn and suffered a gastric upset so was unable to participate. We abandoned the team competition and instead played individual. Misfortune befell Kate Oatway during the round as she fell into a trench, luckily she suffered no injury, just embarrassment and a bit of mud and water. Monkeys were everywhere on the course and raided a few carts, luckily nothing of value went missing, only a few bananas. There was no sign of elephants this time around.

Alan Sullivan was unable to repeat the heroics of yesterday and didn’t figure in the scoring. Today scoring was more modest with Roger Touhy carrying the day on thirty-five points. Second, went to Colin Greig on thirty-three, a further point back Paul Smith took third with Les Cobban in fourth and Tony Robbins rounding out the scoring in fifth place with thirty points. Near pins went to Tony Robbins, Neil Carter, Jimmy Carr, and Michael Brett. Special thanks go to Keith Norman for organising and running the event.

Wednesday, February 13th


1st Eddie Bielby (18) 37 points

2nd Tony Robbins (21) 36 points

3rd Dave Maw (19) 35 points

4th Jim Bracket (7) 32 points

Near pins Colin Greig, Neil Carter, and Tom McMurray X 2

With several staying on in Chantaburi to climb Khao Khitchakut numbers were down to sixteen for today’s round at Bangpra. The course was in poor condition, the temperature was high and the pace of play was ok. The course has deteriorated markedly compared to last time we played it and would definitely benefit from some ground staff attention and some rain. The bunkers were particularly poor with very little sand and caddies with no rakes. This was a big change from our last visit when we thought the course was back to its best condition again.

Uncharacteristic poor putting from Tony Robbins (three putts on sixteen and seventeen) allowed Eddie Bielby to sneak through to first place on thirty-seven points with Tony finishing on thirty-six. Dave Maw was third on thirty-five points and Jim Bracket rounded out the winner’s list on thirty-two. Near pins went to Colin Greig, Neil Carter, and two to Tom McMurray.

Friday, February 15th

Treasure Hill

1st John Hughes (20) 40 points

2nd Robbie Watts (9) 36 points

3rd Kob Glover (27) 33 points

4th Nial Glover (17) 32 points

5th Raleigh Gosney ( 22) 32 points

6th Colin Greig (10) 32 points

Near pins Colin Greig, Jimmy Carr, Robbie Watts, Neil Carter.

The last game ever for the Bunker Boys from the M Club was sufficient to lure the biggest field of the year, (thirty) out to play the Treasure Hill Course, even P J Redmond made his long-awaited return to the game. This is one of the few courses that is staying in good condition despite high season traffic and lack of rain, a credit to the ground staff and caddies. Despite being crowded the pace of play was ok and our lead group finished within four hours which is acceptable.

Confidence is an essential element of good sporting performance and this was on display today when John Hughes declared “when I want to win I can” and duly went on to shoot forty points and take first place. Also in a random act of kindness, John donated his winnings to the delinquent fund so free drinks for everyone. Robbie Watts returned to form and took second place with a solid thirty-six points. Strife in the Glover household tonight as Kob beat husband Nial for third place. Nial, Raleigh Gosney, and Colin Greig all finished with thirty-two and were placed accordingly on countback. Near pins went to Neil Carter, Jimmy Carr, Robbie Watts, and Colin Greig.

To mark our last game from the M Club a party was held after the presentations with roast pig and chips on offer. Several non-playing members were in attendance such as Peter Hapgood and Alan Freeman. A small presentation of crystal was made to Neil and Yaya and they leave for Canada shortly with young Jack and hopefully some fond memories of their time with the Bunker Boys.

Our next game on Monday 18th will be from Woody’s Bar in Soi Skaw Beach, the venue is Crystal Bay.

John Hughes


Neil and Yaya Carter




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