Bunker Boys 15-19/05

Monday May 15,

Bangpra, Stableford(white tees).

1st Colin Greig (11)                                           31 pts oco (18)

2nd Ross schiffke (19)                                      31              (16)

3rd Les Hall (23)                                               30

Near pins: Ross Schiffke, Stuart Tinkler, Mike Brett, Tony Robbins.

“Some days are diamond, some days are stone” so sang John Denver many years ago. There were certainly no diamonds today at Bangpra. Out of a field of golfer’s, only two managed to get to thirty-one points, hard to imagine everybody could play so badly on the same day, usually, someone manages to rise above the rest but not today. One of the main problems was the greens, nobody can remember a time when the greens were so slow on a course renowned for ultra fast greens. There can be no other explanation, the weather was fine albeit be a bit hot and humid, there was no wind or rain.

There were, however, a few strokes worthy of note. On the parr three twelfth Dave Gow put his first in the water, he pulled his second left, hit a tree and bounced forward and almost onto the green with the water beckoning for the second time. On the following Dave also visited the water again followed by two of his three playing partners, it seemed that today the ball flight was much shorter than normal and many people seemed to under club, understandable in dark overcast conditions when the air is heavy, but not under bright clear blue skies.

As is often the case at this course there was the opportunity to commune with nature and on the seventh, there was a rather large water monitor taking a view of proceedings. He garnered a lot of interest from a safe distance I might add.


Wednesday May 17,

Treasure Hill,Stableford(yellow tees).

1st Colin Greig(11)                                              38 pts

2nd Geoff Parker (15)                                         37 oco (16)

3rd Les Humphrey (31)                                       37        (15)

Near pins: Les Humphrey, Tony Robbins, Neil Carter, Colin Greig.

Not for the first time in recent weeks a golf report is dominated by weather. Overnight heavy rain in Pattaya was followed by intermittent showers in the morning. Our resident expert in all matters meteorological Geoff Parker assured us that it would not rain at the golf course today as happened on Monday. As we proceeded up 331 to Treasure Hill the sky in the distance looked menacing and as we arrived at the course heavy rain was again falling necessitating a fifteen-minute coffee break.

We teed off in a light drizzle which after three holes became increasingly heavy and the rest of the round was completed in varying degrees of rain, but never dry. As the course was wet the pick, clean, and place rule was applied. After nine a few players decided that wet weather golf was not their cup of tea and retired to the clubhouse, the more dedicated ones persevered to the end.

Despite the inclement weather scoring today was of a high standard. Les Humphrey made his debut in the winners circle taking third place with thirty seven points, twenty two on the front nine. Colin Greig continued his recent run of good form with Geoff Parker winning the count back for second.

For about the fifth game in a row Neil Carter secured a near pin, all of them very close. It seems just a matter of time before he nails a hole in one.


Friday May 19,

Eastern Star, stableford (white tees).

1st Neil Carter (13)                                                  37 pts

2nd Stuart Tinkler, (14)                                            29 oco (14)

3rd Mike Lloyd (16)                                                  29        (13)

Near pins: Stuart Tinkler, Neil Carter, Mashi Kenata, Les Humphrey.

The Bunker Boys made their way to the seldom visited Eastern Star Course for the last round of the week.  We had one withdrawal after nine holes due to illness, not the kind of alcohol related illness you might expect in Pattaya, this time it was suspected food poisoning and not much fun either. This is a course that many people find difficult and so it was today also even though it was in fine condition following recent rain. Neil Carter jumped out of the blocks on the front nine with twenty-one points and carried on his merry way for a few holes on the back nine only to loose a ball up a coconut palm tree and subsequently wipe consecutive holes. A notable golf commentator once said that one of the best assets you can have on a golf course is a very short memory, don’t dwell on a disaster hole and drag it around for a few more holes before you put it away and get on with the rest of the round, easier said than done. Despite his two wipes, Neil returned a fine score beating his handicap to take first place while Stuart Tinkler won the count back for second beating Mike Lloyd recently returned from the UK.



Interested spectator on the 7th at Bangpra.

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