The Bunker Boys 14/03

A good group of 21 players made their way to Khao Kheow which was in far better condition than most of the courses suffering from the drought. The greens were running true and reasonably fast so most golfers were happy. Colin Gregg won the A flight with 36 points and Jimmy Carr won B flight with 35 points.

Today, we welcomed back one of our favorite Kanucks, Chris Dopp, who remains putt and chip tarted: up around the green in two only to post a double bogey, if that. Ouch!!

Near Pins
John Lay, Raleigh Gosney (2), Colin Gregg.
A Flight
Colin Gregg (10) 36 pts
Alan Sullivan (11) 33 pts cb
Mark Stanley (8) 33 pts
B Flight
Jimmy Carr (17) 35 pts
Trevor Preistley (22) 34 pts
Raleigh Gosney (19) 33 pts

Wednesday 16 th March Pattavia Stableford

Only 16 players made their way up Rt 331 to one of our favorite courses which was in good condition with the recently top dressed greens loosing none of their speed or ability to confuse most of our members. The day was hot and many golfers faded in the heat but not that stalwart Geoff Parker who managed 40 points on this layout, seven ahead of the pack.
Near Pins
Keith Hemmings, Paul Ashman, Tore Eliassen, Geoff Parker.
A Flight
Geoff Parker(13) 40 pts
Ken Davidson (23) 33 pts cb
Colin Gregg (10) 33 pts

Friday 18 th March Crystal Bay C & B Medal

Twenty players turned out for our Medal round at one of our regular courses in hot conditions. Many people elected to take buggies because
of the heat and we would kindly suggest to the management to please attend to better maintenance of these vehicles as many have poor brakes including inoperative parking locks, dangerous steering, and seat pads wedged into place with wooden golf tees.
There was a large difference in the speed of the greens between the two nines with B running faster and C needing a bit of mowing. This however did not hold back Peter Habgood who managed to score 68 net.
Near Pins
Ken Davidson, Gerry Cooney, Adam White, Les Cobban.
A Flight
Les Cobban (8)    72 net cb
Mashi Kaneta (16) 72 net
Geoff Parker (13) 76 net
B Flight

Peter Habgood (23) 68 net
Neil Griffin (24) 77 net

Raleigh Gosney (19) 78 net


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