Bunker Boys 14/9

Monday, September 14th

Pleasant Valley

1st Michael Brett (15) 39 points

2nd Geoff Parker (17) 36 points

3rd Geoff Atwell (24) 31 points

Near pins Jeff Crosthwaite, & Michael Brett

For quite a long time the Pleasant Valley Course has disparagingly been referred to as Unpleasant Valley, today it could rightly be called just that as it was in the worst condition anyone could remember. Whilst the fairways were good the rest of the course was substandard, the greens were bumpy and of varying speed, the tee boxes were very shabby and the bunkers were atrocious, most looked like they had never seen a rake and many had grass growing through the sand, needless to say, this course will not appear on the Bunker Boys roster again until significant changes are made with many other courses in great condition from which to choose.

The day was overcast and grey and for much of the round, it looked like it would rain at any moment but never did. A slight breeze blew which helped to keep the temperature very comfortable.

After a good start, Michael Brett went on to take first place with a score of thirty-nine points. Geoff Parker is now proving to be a very consistent performer and took second with a solid thirty-six whilst birthday boy Geoff Atwell took third with thirty-one points. Yet another Jeff this time Crosthwaite put his name on a near pin with Michael Brett taking the only other to be won.

Wednesday, September 16th


1st Les Cobban (8) 36 points

2nd  Michael Brett (15) 35 points

3rd Geoff Parker (17) 30 points

Near pins Dave Ashman, & Michael Brett X 2.

Early morning rain in Pattaya made golf unlikely today, however, the weather radar gave room for hope as it showed no rain at the course so even though it was still raining in Pattaya we took a chance and drove to the monkey course. As we drove up Hwy 7 the skies lightened and by the time we reached the course, it was fine again.

Remarkably it was very busy with groups backed up on the first and tenth tees, we were put out from the tenth, it got even busier later when the late tee special pricing took effect. The course was in the best condition of any course we have played recently, the greens were running true and at a nice speed, the fairways were lush and well mown, and the bunkers were well maintained all of which probably justified the slightly higher price charged.

Several times throughout the round it seemed that we were about to get drenched with thunder rumbling close by and heavy rain just around the corner, luckily we stayed dry to the end. The temperature was just about right, cool with just a light breeze blowing.

The very consistent Les Cobban enjoying a long streak of very good form took first place with thirty-six points, he had all aspects of his game dialed in. Second place went to Michael Brett a stroke back and with his usual number of opportunities to take first. Geoff Parker was third with thirty points.

Dave Ashman snared one near pin which he birdied and Michael Brett got two, one close enough to get a birdie also.

Friday, September 18th

Plutaluang East & South.

1st Les Cobban (8) 37 points

2nd Michael Brett (15) 33 points

3rd Geoff Atwell (24) 32 points

Near pins Les Cobban & Jeff Crosthwaite

After many months away the Bunker Boys made a return to the Navy course for the last game of the week where we played the East & South nines. The course was in the best condition we have seen for years, well grasses and green, overall great value at seven hundred and fifty baht. As a rule, it’s not a good idea to play this course on a Friday as its usually busy, but today we had a clear run.

Despite a Tropical rain depression bringing widespread rain throughout all of South East Asia somehow we managed to avoid it all and stay dry. The temperature was mild, perfect for golf.

Continuing on from where he left off on Wednesday Les Cobban put together another very fine round of thirty-seven to take first place. Michael Brett took second four back whilst Geoff Atwell rounded out the scoring with a thirty-two. Only two near pins were taken with one each to Jeff Crosthwaite and Les Cobban.

Next week the Bunker Boys are making a trip to Kanchanaburi to play Evergreen Hills, Grand Prix, Blue Saphire, and Royal Ratchaburi. Normally at this time of year, Hua Hin is the preferred destination but for some reason, the two best courses, Black Mountain and Banyan are not participating in the annual golf festival so we decided on a change of venue.

Les Cobban


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