Bunker Boys 14-20/08

Monday August 14,Crystal Bay(white tees),C & B,


1st Neil Carter(14)                                 42 pts

2nd Mike Brett(15)                                 34

3rd Les Burns(30)                                  34

Near pins: Nial Glover, Les Burns, Mashi Kaneta.

A baker’s dozen which is a good number for this time of year set out for today’s round at the ever popular Crystal Bay Course. Dark threatening clouds with flashes of lightning were on the horizon and thunder rumbled throughout most of the round, fortunately, it stayed away and we completed the round dry.  Play was at a good pace except for our last group who fell at least four holes behind by end of play.

They say “fortune favours the brave” unless of course, you come from Australia otherwise known as “The Lucky Country”. Laughing Les Burns had Ausi luck today when his tee shot on the short par three bounced off the rocks in front of the green and up to within two feet of the hole, he duly sank the birdie putt.

Neil Carter roared back to form with a great round of forty-two points to take first place. Having spent some time in the doldrums this may be a sign he is keen to secure a “Golfer of the Month” trophy which has eluded him for some time.A distant eight points back Michael Brett took second place on count-back from Les Burns with 18 to Les’s 15. Nial Glover on a fleeting visit to Pattaya took a near pin with Les and Mashi taking one each, the fourth was not won.


Wednesday August 16, Burupa (blue tees),


1st Mike Brett(15)                                33 pts

2nd Geoff Parker(14)                           31

3rd Peter Allen (29)                              29

Near pins: Les Cobban.

Today the Bunker Boys made one of their rare visits to the Burapha Course. On the way, our resident expert on all matters meteorological Geoff Parker predicted rain, fortunately for Geoff and the rest of us, Geoff is better at golf than predicting the weather so we enjoyed a monsoon season dry day. This is a tough course by any measure and was made more so by a sometimes stiff breeze. The course played long and in fact was long e.g. the last parr four was four hundred and ninety yards off the blue tees which is almost PGA standard.

The difficulty of the course was reflected in the scoring with players such as Mashi, Raleigh and Les Cobban failing to reach thirty points. Les was the only one to win a near pin on a par three and thereby won all four, unfortunately, he was unable to collect due to a siesta which went over time. Third place went to the ever improving Peter Allen with twenty-nine points, second to the ever reliable Geoff Parker who is making his intentions clear about the ” Golfer of the Month” competition and the winner on the day was Michael Brett with thirty-three points which should have been much better if not for his customary fade out on the closing holes. Anybody with a remedy for fade out on the closing holes please contact the M Club urgently as this condition is now serious.


Friday August 20,Pleasant Valley, (white tees),


1st Geoff Parker(14)                                35 pts

2nd Raleigh Gosney(16)                          34

3rd Geoff Bracegirdle(15)                         32

Near pins: Geoff Bracegirdle, Jimmy Carr, Alan Sullivan.

Thursday night saw some of the blackest clouds you are ever likely to see hang over Pattaya yet no rain fell. However, it did fall elsewhere and Pleasant Valley the venue for today’s round was one such place. The course looked like it had been hammered overnight with fairways sodden, casual water in many places, bunkers flooded or washed out of sand. Teams of workers were all over the course doing repair work and no doubt by days end the course was in much better shape. Despite all that, an enjoyable round was had by most.

Our first group were out behind a local five ball who took twenty minutes to play the first, so frustration was at a high level. After the second hole, the marshal transferred our groups to the back nine so play resumed at a normal pace. Needless to say due to the conditions pick, clean, and place rule applied. Scoring was reasonable under the circumstances with Geoff Parker taking the honours with thirty-five points. Raleigh Gosney took second with a steady round of thirty-four points, and Geoff Bracegirdle took third on count-back with thirty-two. Due to the complexity of the rules of golf one or two decisions on the course resulted in some lively discussion back at the club, the proposed new simpler rules of golf can’t come soon enough for many.

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