Bunker Boys 14/10

Monday, October 14th

Pattana Sports & Country Club B & C

1st Robby Watts (9) 35 points

2nd Craig Dows (7) 33 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 32 points

Near pins Jimmy Carr, Michael Brett, & Craig Dows X 2.

As is often the case at Pattana the weather threatened with rain, thunder, and lightning all around. By the closing holes on the C course, it got very close, in fact, rain may have been falling on the A nine but we managed to finish dry. The course was in good condition albeit a bit damp in places but not enough to require the application of the pick, clean, and place rule.

With a very generous handicap of nine and the use of a little anchor work on the closing holes, Robby Watts still managed to amass thirty-five points and take first place. Craig Dows took second place two adrift, both Robby and Craig are now returning to Melbourne for a while so we will be able to present a winners list without either of their names, something we haven’t seen in the past month. Jimmy Carr took third with thirty-two and threatens a return to top form by the time the Annual Club Championship rolls around in about a month’s time.

Near pins went to Jimmy Carr, Michael Brett, and two to Craig Dows. Numbers are low for this time of year with many of our local residents on overseas jaunts, we expect a big upswing in numbers by the end of the month. We may also see an end to some of the late-season monsoon weather we have had lately, great for the courses but not so nice for play.

Wednesday, October 16th


1st Gerry Cooney (20) 33 points

2nd Michael Brett (15) 33 points

3rd Ross Schiffte (18)  30 points

Near pins Ross Schiffte, & Michael Brett X 2

A very pleasant day weatherwise for our game at Bangpra where the monkeys were out in great abundance. Some of the bigger ones proved to be a bit more aggressive and threatening than we have seen before. It’s best to at least have a club in hand when encountering them at close quarters as flashing teeth and aggressive posturing was common, best give them a wide berth if possible. After the round from inside the restaurant area, one of the bigger ones was seen to have scaled the clubhouse and proved to be a concern for the security staff as it was on an open area balcony used by smokers, another example of the dangers of smoking.

The course was in fine condition given recent rain and was also quite crowded, yet the pace of play was good and we completed the round in three and a half hours. After a few weeks, away in the countryside, Gerry Cooney returned to the fold today and also the winner’s circle with thirty-three points edging out Michael Brett into second on countback. An unexpected visitor Ross Schiffte took third place with thirty points, he also managed a near pin with two going to Michael Brett.

We have seen the first of our seasonal visitors today with Ken Davidson making an appearance for the aftermatch presentation, with many more to follow in the next few weeks.

Friday, October 18th

Treasure Hill

1st Gerry Cooney(20)  30 points

2nd Michael Brett (15) 28 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (17)  24 points

Near pin Michael Brett.

What a frustrating day for our last game of the week at Treasure Hill. The weather was hot and humid, the course was difficult as always, and the pace of play was abysmally slow, over five hours to complete. As if that wasn’t

enough we somehow managed to get a bunch of caddies who were compulsive gibbers and had to to be told to be quiet when someone was playing a shot a few times,I don’t know which of the above or all affected players the most, maybe all of them as scoring was the lowest we have seen this year.

Gerry Cooney who had a good front nine took the honors with thirty points.  Michael Brett gave chase on the back nine and got within a stroke only to mess up late in the round and finish second with twenty-eight. Jimmy Carr looked to be coming back into form but today was a major set back with only twenty-four points. Only one near pin was taken by Michael Brett, several hit greens only to roll off by a matter of inches.

It only takes one selfish group to ruin the day for everyone as was the case with a group about three holes in front of us. We don’t know if it was a cultural issue or they just couldn’t play, worse still the caddies refused to call the marshall and have them sit down for a couple of holes or just play at a proper pace.

Robby Watts

Gerry Cooney


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