Bunker Boys 13/4

Monday, April 9th

1st Michael Brett (16) 35 points

2nd Colin Greig (8) 35 points

3rd Les Cobban (8) 35 points

Near pins Andy Brady, Jimmy Carr, Frank Quinlan.

A new weeks golf got off to a flying start with our monthly rainbow round played at the Greenwood course. We were allocated A and C nines as the B course is undergoing routine maintenance and will be out of play for a further two months. That said the C nine is also having work done with some of the greens cored and sanded recently bit still playing nicely. It didn’t seem to matter too much which tee was chosen today as compared to Parichat where it was crucial to choose the most appropriate tee on each hole. Some played all six blues straight away and still managed to score well. Even though a nice cool breeze blew all day it didn’t keep the pesky fruit flies away so they were a major distraction,  in your eyes and ears, and up your nose.

It is unusual for all the placed players to end up on the exact same number of points and so it was today. Michael Brett took first on thirty-five points with nineteen on the back nine. Second, went to Colin Greig with thirteen on the last six while Les Cobban too third with twelve on the last six. Near pins went to Frank Quinlan, Jimmy Carr, and Andy Brady who is currently leading the race for golfer of the month.

Wednesday, April 11th


1st Jimmy Carr (19) 35 points

2nd Geoff Parker (14) 33 points

3rd Michael Brett (16) 32 points

Near Pins Geoff Parker, Mark Stanley X 3

Our midweek game was played at the ever popular Bangpra course where eleven players took part. The weather was not as hot as recently and a cool breeze kept things relatively comfortable. The course was in very good condition but the greens although quicker than last time we played there were slow by Bangpra standard.There were very few people on the course so the round was played at a good pace.

Scoring was a bit on the low side but to be expected on this difficult course. Jimmy Carr took the chocolates today with a score of thirty-five points. Geoff Parker who is starting to appear regularly in the winner’s circle lately took second on thirty-three points whilst Michael Brett brought up the rear with thirty-two points. Near pins went to Geoff Parker and Mark Stanley who in the past has taken all four got three today.

Friday, April 13th


1st Colin Greig (8) Net 68

2nd Michael Brett (16)  Net 71

3rd Mark Stanley (11) Net 74.

Near Pins Steve Durey, Dave Ashman, and two to Les Cobban

No room for superstition at the bunker as we played our second medal round of the month on Friday 13th at the Emerald course. For some reason, we have four medal rounds this month instead of the usual two. A quiet day at the course saw us finish again within three and a half hours which is how golf should be played. Another hot and humid day with little or no wind meant playing conditions were a bit uncomfortable.

The medal format sometimes brings out the best game in some people and so it was today with Colin Greig having an outstanding round with a net sixty-eight off a handicap of eight, perhaps another cut is imminent. Second went to Michael Brett on seventy-one with a mixed bag which included two birdies, one on the difficult index three sixth hole. Continuing his good recent form Mark Stanley took third with a net seventy-four. Near pins went to Steve Durey, Dave Ashman, and two to Les Cobban.



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