Bunker Boys 13/03

Monday March 13,

Khao Kheow white tees,


1st Alan Sullivan         (12)                40 pts

2nd Brett Chan           (18)                39 oco

3rd Geoff Bracegirdle (14)                39

Near pins: Alan Sullivan, Mashi Kaneta, Rab McDonald, Gerry Cooney.

A good turnout of nineteen golfers arrived at the Khao Kheow Course for the first game of the week. The course was in excellent condition and playing conditions were optimal if a bit on the hot humid side. For a course of the quality and difficulty scores returned were from very poor at the lower end to excellent at the top end. Many players scored at better than their handicap. It is most unusual for a player to return a card of thirty-eight points and not figure in the winners circle, such was the case for Les Hall, who must be wondering what he has to do to win.

First place went to Alan Sullivan with an excellent forty points. Second and third places went to Brett Chan and Geoff Bracegirdle respectively both on thirty-nine points, the decision made on count back.

On another matter, it has been noted lately that there seems to be an increase in the number of caddies who do not clean players clubs before returning them to the bag. Coupled with not raking bunkers properly these are developments that need to be stamped out before they start to become the norm. Players are advised to be aware of this and point out to their respective caddy that this is a mandatory part of caddy’s  duties.


Wednesday March 15,

Treasure Hill white tees,

2 man stableford scramble.

1st Cristian Boysen & Bob Watson      (3)                  41 pts  oco

2nd Tony Fay & Stan Smith                 (9)                  41

3rd Nick Shaw & Asger Levin              (6)                  39

4th Maurice Roberts & Adam Barton   (5)                  38

Longest putt: Nick Shaw & Asger Levin

Closest to pin in 3(par5): Rich Dobson & PJ Mitchell Case of beer closest: Geoff Williams & Geoff Parker.

Near pins: Cristian Boysen, Nick Shaw, Nigel Harrison, Flemming Sorensen.

Last month the Bunker Boys decided to do something different from the norm and play a two-man scramble. The event was so successful that it was decided to make it a monthly event.Sixty-four golfers from The Links Bar, Colins Bar, and the Bunker Boys participated in the second such event at the ever popular Treasure Hill Course.

Play commenced ahead of time and whilst there were no hold ups play was pedestrian at best. The course was in excellent condition as usual and with no wind to speak of play should have been easy, however playing from the white tees which were well back presented a challenge that was not to everybody’s liking. The standard of scoring varied significantly from the low twenties to forty-one points. The eventual winners were Christian Boysen and Bob Watson beating Tony Fay and Stan Smith on count back. The Bunker Boys who acquitted themselves very well in the last Links Bar competition were well below par today and only figured in two prizes, one to Geoff Williams for nearest to the case of beer and a lucky draw prize to the always lucky Raleigh Gosney.

With the benefit of hindsight, a few changes may be in order for next month’s event. With such numbers, an earlier tee off time would seem desirable as darkness was setting in as the last group finished, also on this course the yellow tees would be more suitable for many. The placement of the case of beer became almost a de-facto long drive and should have been placed closer to the tee box.

Events like this don’t happen in a vacuum and require a tremendous amount of work in the background to make it a success and everything to go smoothly. We are in debt to Geoff Parker and Neil Carter for their efforts in making the day a success and it is hoped that the event will become bigger and better over time


Friday March 17,

Eastern Star white tees,


1st Jimmy Carr                    (18)                         34 pts

2nd Neil Griffin                    (24)                         32

3rd Geoff Williams               (11)                        29

Near pins: Mike Brett (4).

Winston Churchill once described Russia as a riddle, wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. He could just as easily be describing the game of golf. Out of a field of fifteen Bunker Boys only two breached thirty points at Eastern Star today, what can only best described as very poor golf. For sure the course was tough with O B and water hazards on most holes, tricky quick greens, and the wind blowing, nevertheless the scores were disappointing. Even the par threes didn’t help with the first three showing a clean sheet. Appropriately on St Patrick’s Day the only Irishman in the field stepped up on the last to claim a near pins and thereby win all four.

Even our style guru Raleigh Gosney had an off day and was inappropriately dressed for the occasion, instead of an Emerald Green Hawaiian shirt he was seen sporting a pink number.

On the positive side Jimmy Carr had his first win of the year with his modest score, could this be a sign that he is on the road to bigger and better results.



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