Bunker Boys 13/5

Monday, May 13th

Pleasant Valley

1st Geoff Cox (17) 39 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 35 points

3rd Geoff Parker (16) 33 points

Near pins Stuart Brown, Jimmy Carr, & Gerry Cooney X 2.

With weekend rain and Pleasant Valley being one of the poorer draining courses we thought pick, clean, and place may be required but not so, the course was in fine condition. The greens, however, even though they were firm were also very slow as they had not been mowed in a few days. Long approach shorts were difficult to hold on the greens due to their firmness, so chipping skills were at a premium. Once again the weather was pleasant after recent scorchers.

A mistake can sometimes have a very good outcome, Geoff Cox turned up to play Navy Course forgetting our roster had been switched around due to last Mondays holiday, had he known it was pleasant Valley he would not have played. As it turned out it was a blessing in disguise as he won first place with thirty-nine points on a course he previously didn’t like but now has changed his mind. On a well spaced out leader board, Jimmy Carr took second with thirty-five points and Geoff Parker third on thirty-three. On the difficult par three eighth hole, four players put their drives in the water, the excuse given was that a stiff breeze was in their faces. Near pins went to Stuart Brown, Jimmy Carr and two to Gerry Cooney. On the seventeenth, Gerry pulled his drive left heading for the water, his ball hit a tree branch and ricochetted back onto the green for his second near pin, how lucky can you get ?.

Wednesday, May 15th

Green Valley

1st Stuart Brown (9) 35 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (17) 32 points

3rd Geoff Parker (16) 32 points

Near pins Stuart Brown, Gerry Cooney & Jimmy Carr

We had mild overcast conditions for a rare visit to Green Valley. The course had been suffering from lack of rain and extreme temperatures in recent weeks with the fairways in particular very brown and bare in places, however, over the last few days rain returned and the course was transformed remarkably back to more like what we expect at this venue. Even during our round, we had a brief rain delay of about ten minutes, not enough to require a visit to a drinks station but soaking welcome rain just the same.

Local knowledge was an asset for today’s winner Stuart Brown who took first place with thirty-five points. Second place went to Jimmy Carr who edged out Geoff Parker on countback. Golf is a game that can mess with your head and inflict serious pain as was the case today for Tony Robbins who had possibly his worst game ever with a total of nine wipes. Near pins went to Jimmy Carr, Gerry Cooney, and Stuart Brown. The plan going forward for the Bunker Boys is to cut some of the poorer courses from our roster and play some more of the better courses while low season pricing remains in place.

Friday, May 17th

Treasure Hill

1st Ross Schiffte (18) 35 points

2nd Tony Robbins (19) 29 points

3rd Peter Allen (28) 27 points

Near pins Tony Robbins

We rounded out the week’s golf with a visit to the always difficult Treasure Hill Course. The course was in good condition as always and the weather nice so no excuses other than the difficulty of the course. Today the course was the winner with all but Ross Schiffte failing to register a decent score, Ross took first place with thirty-five points. A bit of a recovery for Tony Robbins all be it a small one, Tony took second place with twenty-nine points and third went to Peter Allen with a lowly twenty-seven points. Remarkably only one near pin was claimed going to Tony Robbins. Next week we are on the road again with a team making the trip to Kabin Buri for the Paul Hack Golf Challenge, a two-day team event, lets hope we see better scoring from the team and hold up the honor of the Bunker Boys.



Stuart Brown.


Geoff Cox.


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