Bunker Boys 12/1

Monday, January 15th

1st Gerry Cooney (19) 38 points

2nd Peter Kelly (13) 37 points

3rd Colin Greig (11) 37 points

4th Phil Mashiter (6) 36 points

5th Greg Berry (18) 35 points

6th Geoff Cox (18) 35 points

Near Pins

Ken Ellmore, Geoff Cox, Trevor Priestly, Geoff Bracegirdle.

The ever-popular Bangpra course and a beautiful sunny Pattaya day were sufficient to lure the biggest field of the year so far, (30) to play the monkey course. As expected in high season the course was very busy but to our surprise, our start time was delayed by forty-five minutes. Worse was to come as some of the groups ahead of us were five balls so play was unacceptably slow. It was common to find three to four groups assembled on the parr three’s. The monkeys were very busy today with one caddie losing all her food and money to one of the more cheeky critters, who scampered up a tree with the lot.

Today was the first time we played with only one flight paying more places. First went to the Gerry Cooney of the sore shoulder fame with a score of thirty-eight points. Peter Kelly took second one stroke back beating Colin Greig into third on countback.  The big hitting Phil Mashiter was fourth with thirty-six, while Greg Berry and Geoff Cox were fifth and sixth respectively with thirty-five points. Near pins went to Ken Elmore, Geoff Cox, Trevor Priestly and Geoff (Bracey) Bracegirdle playing his last game of this tour

Some of our groups traveled to the course up highway seven while others took the Sukhumvit Rd with no apparent difference in the time taken to reach the course. As one group traveled up Sukhumvit they were passed by a local on a motorbike at speed and the question was asked, how long before he has an accident?. Sure enough a few kilometers up the road there he was in great discomfort lying on the road with his bike smashed up.

Wednesday, January 17th

Eastern Star

Team Competition

1st Peter Kelly and Peter Allen 45 points

2nd Geoff Parker and Gerry Cooney 44 points


1st Neil Carter 38 points

2nd Peter Allen 34 points

3rd Phil Mashiter 34 points

4th Richard Baldotto 34 points

Near Pins

Keith Norman, Neil Carter, Les Cobban X 2.

Eastern Star was the venue for the first two ball better ball competition with Jimmy Carr who suggested the idea at the recent AGM charged with picking teams. Also, individual scores were kept and counted towards the golfer of the month competition. There was a time during the round when it appeared that we would be struck with the scourge of the high season i.e. slow play, however, it never eventuated and we completed the round in less than four hours. The course was in fine condition but the weather was hot and steamy.

In the team competition the two Peters, Allen and Kelly took out the top place with a score of 45 points followed in second place by Geoff Parker and Gerry Cooney. In the individual competition, Neil Carter took first place with an excellent score of thirty-eight, followed by Peter Allen on thirty-five points. Phil Mashiter came third with thirty-four points and Richard Baldotto took fourth also with thirty-four points. Two near pins went to Les Cobban and one each to Neil Carter and Keith Norman. The race for golfer of the month is hotly contested with Colin Greig Gerry Cooney, and Richard Baldotto vying for top spot.

There are times when we complain about caddies for various reasons, however today the caddies were first class and a credit to themselves and the course management.

Friday, January 19th


1st Dave Ashman (19) 39 points.

2nd Peter Allen (33) 35 points.

3rd Keith Norman (15) 35 points.

4th Richard Baldotto (25) 34 points.

5th Colin Greig (11) 34 points

6th Skinny Newton (28) 33 points

Near Pins Keith Norman, Grant Rice, Colin Lane X 2

For the last game of the week, we arrived at the Pattavia course to find no caddies or lockers available. To add to the problem there were several groups ahead of us on the tee which meant a delay of over thirty minutes before our first group could tee off. As one might expect play was slow but not excessively so. When our second group arrived at the tenth tee the marshal was trying to insert more groups into the middle of our round which went down like the proverbial lead balloon and was rejected out of hand. It is understandable that a course would try to maximise revenue during high season, however common sense should prevail and a society that supports the course throughout the year should not be treated so shabbily as bookings are done a month in advance and extra groups should be put out after long-standing bookings.

Most players found today’s round tough going and scores were moderate, however, a few did excel none more so than Dave Ashman who took first place with an excellent score of thirty-nine points. Peter Allen found himself in the among the winners for the second time this week in second place with thirty-five points. Third also on thirty-five points went to Keith Norman on countback. Fourth went to Richard Baldotto with thirty-four points. Richard has backed himself to win golfer of the month with a wager of one thousand baht, he will have to go some to collect. Fifth place went to Colin Greig, and for the first time in a while, Skinny Newton appeared in the winner’s circle, beers all round. Near pins to Keith Norman, Grant Rice, and two to Colin Lane.

Winner at Pattavia Dave Ashman.



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