Bunker Boys 12/8

Monday, August 12th

Pattana Sport and Country Club B & A.

1st Geoffrey Parker (17) 36 points

2nd Raleigh Gosney (21) 35 points

3rd Wan Miller (20) 35 points

Near pins Jimmy Carr &Evan Miller X 2.

The Pattana course management generously agreed to keep our normal pricing despite it being a National Holiday in celebration of the Queens birthday. As might be expected for a holiday the course was busy, still, we played at a decent pace with no holdups.

A grey overcast blustery cool day for the first game of the week at Pattana where we were allocated the B & A nines. Rain threatened for most of the day but the strong wind kept it away till the par six when we got hit with a squally shower with very strong wind, luckily it passed quickly and we completed the round without any further rain problems. On that par six, the wind was directly in our faces so no getting on the green in three and a par was a good result.

A months break from golf must have benefited Geoff Parker as he came back to form today taking first place with thirty-six albeit off a generous handicap of seventeen. Raleigh Gosney who only played two games of golf since his last visit also found good form with a score of thirty-five to edge out Wan Miller on countback. Near pins went to Wan’s lesser half Evan who took two with Jimmy Carr getting his usual one. Hard luck story of the day went to Tony Robbins who had at least five puts sit on the edge of the hole with none dropping in, sometimes it’s just not your day.

Wednesday, August 14th


1st Michael Brett (15) 41 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (14) 38 points

3rd Daryl Vernon (25) 37 points

Near pins Stuart Brown, Les Cobban, & Robby Watts X 2.

In preparation for next weeks Singha Championship the Greenvalley course was competition ready and in beautiful condition, with the exception of a couple of bare areas on one or two fairways, a legacy of a recent dry spell.

A nice mild day but once again strong wind blowing, instead of a wet monsoon season we seem to be getting a windy season. Overall conditions for golf were excellent and this was reflected in the scores returned, seven golfers had scores of thirty-six or better. Both Les Cobban and Peter Allen had twenty-one points on the front nine only to fade out on the back, Les had a mixed round with three birdies and two wipes. Four players were locked on thirty-seven points with Daryl Vernon emerging with the best back nine to take third place. A return to form saw Jimmy Carr take second with thirty-eight points and the winner with forty-one points was Michael Brett. Near pins went to Les Cobban and Stuart Brown with Robby Watts taking two. Today was the first time since we had Greenvalley on our low season roster that local member Stuart Brown didn’t appear in the winner’s circle.

Friday, August 16th

Greenwood B & C

1st Daryl Vernon (25) 38 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (14) 34 points

3rd Robby Watts (7) 34 points

Near Pins Daryl Vernon.

Some of the most pleasant conditions for golf anyone could wish for were enjoyed by all today, mild temperatures with a slight breeze blowing. Rain threatened on the back nine but luckily stayed away. The course was as usual in great condition but if rain doesn’t come soon it will deteriorate in the coming high season, the water catchment areas are very low.

Since his return from a two-month break in the UK, Daryl Vernon is on fire with booming drives and solid putting, he scored thirty-eight points to take first place and put him in contention for the golfer of the month, a cut in handicap may be just around the corner. Jimmy Carr continues to perform solidly and took second place with thirty-four points beating Robby Watts into third place on countback. Remarkably in a rare occurrence, only one near pin was won, again Daryl was Johnny on the spot to take it on the second par three.

Next week the bunker Boys are on the road with their annual trip to Hua Hin where the rain has been tumbling down lately, we hope it’s done by the time we get there.

We are pleased to report that one of our regular visitors from the U.K. Keith Smithson put together a remarkable round of forty-five points off a handicap of I believe two, a splendid achievement, perhaps the senior’s circuit beckons!.


Daryl Vernon


Geoff Parker.


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