The Bunker Boys 1/12

Monday 27th November


A Flight

1st Geoff Parker (15) Net 72

2nd Les Cobban (8) Net 74

3rd Pat Ryan (14) Net 75

B Flight

1st Les Hall (25) Net 72

2nd Dave Ashman (18) Net 75

3rd Frank Quinlan (32) Net 76

Near Pins

Les Cobban, Phill Moore, Les Hall, Bob Duxbury.

There is a saying in golfing circles that ” A bad day on the golf course is better than a good day in the office”. The veracity of that statement was called into question today at Pattavia where we found some of the toughest conditions for some time. A stiff breeze (at least two clubs worth) blew all day and the greens which had just been cored, sanded, and rolled were some of the slickest we have encountered in some time.If a putt from above the hole didn’t go in then there was a very good chance that the next putt was from off the green. Even putts from below the hole that didn’t go in were most like putted from further away next time. The suitability of this course for the upcoming club championship was called into question and still has to be resolved, we were assured by the greenkeeper that the greens will settle down in a week or so, we will see.

Despite the difficulty, some very good scored were recorded, none better than that of Geoff Parker with a net seventy-two in the A flight, followed by Les Cobban two back and a newcomer from Tipperary Pat Ryan a further stroke back on seventy-five. In the B flight, Les Hall took the honors also with seventy-two followed by Dave Ashman on seventy-five and Frank Quinlan on seventy-six. Near pins went to Les Cobban, Les Hall, Bob Duxbury, and Phill Moore.

Wednesday 29th November

Eastern Star

1st Keith Norman (13) 38 points

2nd Geoff Parker (15) 36 points

3rd Neil Carter (12) 34 points

Near Pins Frank Quinlan, KeithHemmings, Neil Carter, Colin Greig

After the travails of Monday where the greens were like ice it was nice to play on a normal putting surface today. A small group for this time of year of only thirteen showed up for the final round of the month at Eastern Star. Once again we were hit with the scourge of golf in Thailand i.e. a five or six ball group out in front of us which slowed play all the way to the end.

Many struggled with this difficult course and few very low scores were recorded. The winners seemed unaffected by either the course or the speed of play with Keith Norman showing excellent form with a well compiled thirty-eight points in first place. Second, went to Geoff Parker with thirty-six points, and Neil Carter took third with thirty-four. Near pins went to Frank Quinlan, Keith Hemming, Neil Carter and Colin Greig.

As it was the last game of the month the competition for “Golfer of the Month” was decided. Neil led the way into the last game but a strong performance from the ever consistent Geoff Parker allowed him to overtake Neil and take the chocolates. Geoff recently moved into bigger premises to accommodate all his trophies, I believe twenty-nine golfer of the month trophies to date, well done Geoff.

Friday 1st December

Khao Kheow

1st Jimmy Carr (17) 38 points.

2nd Michael Brett (16) 37 points.

3r Keith Norman (13) 37 points on countback.

4th Keith Hemmings (21) 35 points.

Near Pins

Les Cobban, Keith Hemmings, Gerry Cooney, Colin Greig

Despite high season being upon us golf courses continue to remain not too busy and golf numbers remain low for the time of year. A modest number of nineteen rolled up to the M Club for the last game of the week and the first of a new month. The Khao Kheow course was in its usual fine condition and the weather perfect, so ideal conditions for play. As the course was uncrowded the pace of play was good with no holdups. An unusual event occurred on the island where our leading three-ball all put their tee shots in the drink, reloaded and two out of the three were in the drink again, slow learners, to be fair the wind was in their faces and was at least two clubs worth.

The winner on the day with thirty-eight points was Jimmy Carr, one stroke ahead of Michael Brett in second. Keith Norman also had thirty-seven but a lower back nine score, while Keith Hemmings brought up the rear with thirty-five. The usual suspects, Colin Greig, Gerry Cooney, and Les Cobban were joined by Keith Hemmings in the near pin contest.

It seems that many of our members both resident and visiting are suffering various injuries, Tony Robbins, Mike Lloyd and Keith Smithson to name but a few are all out with injuries, who would have thought that golf would be such an arduous game.

Geoff Parker Golfer of the Month

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