Bunker Boys 11/1

Monday, January 7th

Plutaluang North & West

1st Dary Vernon (24) 38 points

2nd Keith Norman (14) 37 points

3rd Neil Carter (11) 36 points

4th Geof Cox (17) 35 points

5th Phil Mashiter (6) 35 points

6th  Alan Sullivan (14) 35 points

Near pins  Geoff Cox, Michael Brett, & Daryl Vernon X 2.

A good field of twenty-three for a rare visit to the Thai Navy course at Plutaluang. The course looked very crowded as we drove in so we encountered the usual problems, i.e. a lack of caddies and a very slow round, many of the caddies we got were on their second round for the day.  I guess its the price you pay in high season for a low-cost game. Nothing to be said about the course that hasn’t already been said many times before. Despite the frustration of slow play very few suffered scoring with many very good cards returned. Top of the heap was the ever-improving Daryl Vernon who took first place with a very fine round of thirty-eight points, one can see Daryl losing many strokes from his handicap in the coming weeks/months. Keith Norman continues to play solid golf and took second place one stroke adrift. Third place went to Neil Carter on thirty-six, while three golfers Geoff Cox, Phil Mashiter, and Alan Sullivan were all locked on thirty-five and had to be separated on countback. Daryl has all aspects of his game in shape at present taking two near pins and becoming a regular in that department, the other two going to Geoff Cox and Michael Brett.

The search for a new home continues with about seven weeks to go before we must relocate. The selection criteria for a new home are as follows (1) central location, (2) open at 9.00 am (3) secure accommodation for about twenty lockers, (4) reasonably priced beverages, food a plus (5) reasonable access to parking. Any bar owner who can match these criteria and wishes to grow their business should make contact with one of our members as soon as possible

Wednesday, January 9th

Treasure Hill

1st Keith Norman (14) 35 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (15) 33 points

3rd Dave Ashman (18) 33 points

4th Ken Elmore (20) 31 points

Near pins Mark Stanley, Jimmy Carr, Dave Ashman, Keith Norman.

This country is not called “Amazing Thailand” for no reason. Just when you think you have seen it all along comes something that knocks your socks off. Some months ago we marveled at the sight of a ten-ball at Pleasant Valley, not to be outdone Treasure Hill today threw up a twelve ball on the first tee as our lead group completed the ninth. Our joy at not being behind them was short lived as two four-balls which were due to follow then decided instead to go to the thirteenth tee and hold us up further on what was already slow tedious round. The speed of play was reflected in the scoring with many failing to put together a decent score on what is a very challenging course, even some of our best players from a field of nineteen failed to register anything like their best.

Keith Norman enjoying a long run of good form took the honors today with thirty-five points. Having missed out on golfer of the month in December Keith seems keen to rectify that this month and already has a decent lead after only a handful of games. Jimmy Carr took second with thirty-three from Dave Ashman on countback. with Ken Elmore rounding out the winner’s circle with thirty-one points in fourth place. Near pins went to Mark Stanley, Dave Ashman, Jimmy Carr, and Keith Norman.

Friday, January 11th


1st Keith Norman (14) 40 points

2nd  Kob Glover (28) 34 points

3rd Ken Elmore (20) 34 points

4th Robby Watts (8) 33 points

5th Geoff Cox (17) 32 points

Near pins Geoff Parker, NeilCarter, Keith Norman X 2.

A less than satisfactory last game of the week with a visit to Emerald. On arrival, we were greeted with the news that we would have to wait ninety minutes for carts. After the threat of twenty-one golfers walking away, carts suddenly materialised from who knows where. The second problem was that many of the caddies were new to golf and would appear to have made a poor career choice, not being able to read greens or distances and being more interested in their smartphones than golf mean that they were of no assistance. The biggest problem of all was the speed of play, four hours forty-five minutes to complete the round meant that frustration levels were in the extremely high range.

Stormin Norman (Keith that is) seemed totally unfazed by all this and cruised to victory with forty points, that made it two wins and a second place for the week, very consistent indeed. Second place went to the fast-improving Kob Glover

with thirty-four points beating Ken Elmore on countback. Robby Watts in his first game of this tour started in great fashion with eleven points after four holes only to fade thereafter to end up with thirty-three points in fourth place, must have run out of sandpaper !!!!!!. Geoff Cox rounded out the scoring with thirty-two and could have ended a few places higher with better knowledge of the rules having wiped the last hole unnecessarily. Keith Norman in the first group had his name on all the near pins and took two with the others going to Geoff Parker by a whisker and Neil Carter.


Keith Norman



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