Bunker Boys 10/04

Monday April 10,

Bangpakong, Stableford(white tees.

1st Neil Carter (12)                    40 pos

2nd Geoff Parker (14)                37

3rd Mike Brett (16)                     36

Near Pins:Neil Carter, Mike Brett, Jimmy Carr.

Having endured rain and storms for six games in a row it was most pleasant to play a round of golf without getting soaked. Whilst it was not the normal sunny weather normally associated with golf in Thailand, the day was overcast but remained rain free although dark clouds were ever-present on the horizon.

Due to many of our members leaving Pattaya for the duration of Songkran, and others on overseas jaunts our numbers were down on normal today. Those that did play found the Bangkapong Course in pristine condition with lush fairways and greens that were relatively easy to putt on compared to some that are on our schedule. For the most part play was brisk with only a holdup on the last few holes.

Normally Bangkapong is considered one of our easier courses where scoring is normally good however a forty points from Neil Carter by any measure is a good score and took the prize for the day. This course should figure more frequently on our  schedule as its a good course for amateur golfers and readily accessible from highway seven.


Wednesday April 12,

Treasure Hill,Stableford (yellow tees).

1st Jimmy Carr (17)                      32 oco

2nd Steve Dury (21)                     32

3rd Mike Brett (16)                        27

Near pins: Steve Dury (3), Jimmy Carr.

Sadly the scourge of golf “Slow Play” was the order of the day at today’s round at Treasure Hill. The course marshal put out a local five-ball in front of our first three-ball with the expected result. Despite there being nobody in front of them for as far as one could see on the course, this group refused to play at a normal pace or allow the following group to play through. Whilst this is not uncommon at local courses it is an issue that needs to be addressed and course marshals should take a more active role in maintaining the speed of play.

As a result of the above, there was a high degree of frustration amongst our group with the result that scoring was of a very low standard. Jimmy Carr took the chocolates on a low thirty-two points on count-back with 17 on the back nine to Steve Durey’s 16  Steve also dominated the near pins.
Masses of tiny black flies added to the misery milling around the face and hands every time one stood still to play a stroke.Anyone who comes up with a repellant for these flies will make a fortune. Temperatures were extremely high and groups could be found sheltering under trees at every opportunity.


Friday April 14,

Mountain Shadow, Stableford (blue tees).

1st Mashi Keneta (16)                     35 pos

2nd Geoff Parker (14)                     33

3rd Frank Quinlan (32)                   32

Near Pins; Jimmy Carr(2), Geoff Parker.

It is most unusual for the first group of Bunker Boys to be back in Pattaya at 3.00pm after golf. It is even more unusual to consider sending out a search party for the last group, however, that group of Rab, Mashi, and Jimmy did eventually make it back before sunset, nobody is volunteering a reason for the delayed arrival. Could be Jimmy was concentrating hard on his parr threes as he bagged a pair, or it could have been Mashi concentrating on his overall game as he was the leader of the field with a fine round of thirty-five points. No notable results from Rab, perhaps his contribution was in the form of moral support. The most notable event of the round was an easy eagle from Neil Carter on the par five eleventh hole with a putt from about five feet, great score but no prize, however, he did collect on the sixes. Had he avoided five blanks who knows what score he would have returned.The course was in excellent condition with fast true greens and it was nice to see that the local dogs have for the time being at least ceased digging additional holes on the greens.



Neil Carter

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