Bunker Boys 1/7

Daryl Vernon, Jimmy Carr


Monday, July 1st

Pleasant Valley

1st Jimmy Carr (16) 47 points

2nd Robby Watts (9) 44 points

3rd Mashie Kaneta (16) 34 points

Near pins Barry Murnin, Gary Smith & Robbie Watts X 2.

We started off a new month of golf with a rainbow format at the Pleasant Valley course. This is a course that eminently suited to the rainbow format as a couple of holes have long carries off the middle or back tees whereas most short hitters can manage them from the front tees. Surprisingly the course was in poor shape, in particular, some of the greens were very shabby and require a lot of remedial work. This is most surprising as one would expect that with recent rain and low traffic courses would be at their best.

Scoring today was exceptional, no that is not a typographical error, Jimmy Carr did actually score forty-seven points. It was a remarkable performance tee to green with putts dropping from everywhere on the greens. This left his playing partner Robby Watts scratching his head thinking how can I compete with this, most days a score of forty-four points would win by a country mile but not today, Robby had to settle for second place. An indication of how crazy scoring was, it was a full ten strokes back to find third place with Mashi Kaneta taking the honors on thirty-four points. One each near pin each to Barry Murnin and Gary Smith with Robby taking two.

Wednesday, July 3rd

Pattaya Country Club

1st Gerry Cooney (21) 39 points

2nd Tony Robbins (21) 34 points

3rd Chris Delamare (1) 31 points

Near Pins Chris Delamare X 3.

One of the shortest drives on our playing roster to Pattaya Country Club for our midweek game where we found a course in possibly the best condition anyone can remember in a long time. The fairways were green and well grassed, and the greens were superb, smooth, quick, and true, no complaints from anyone today about the condition of the course today. The weather was cool and overcast with rain threatening on several occasions but the most we got was a bit of mist. Once again we had the course virtually to ourselves so a nice quick round.

After several weeks off in the countryside, Gerry Cooney returned to the Bunker Boys today and brought his A game with him taking first place with thirty-nine points, twenty-three on the front. It was like a trip down memory lane for Gerry who in his heyday has won just about every competition the Bunker Boys play. Another septuagenarian Tony Robbing suddenly found some length off the tee and returned a decent score of thirty-four in second place whilst the relatively youthful Chris Delamare took third with thirty-one. Chris also displayed pinpoint accuracy on the par threes and snared three out of the four, the fourth went to the delinquent fund.

As is often the case the winds of change are swirling around the Bunker Boys. One of our longest serving members, our resident statistician, and holder of twenty-nine golfer of the month trophies Geoff Parker is about to depart our ranks albeit temporarily (we hope) to rejoin the workforce and complete an assignment in Phnom Penh. Geoff has been a stalwart of the Pattaya golf scene for the past ten or more years and it will be strange not to see the clouds of smoke on the courses as he works his way through a packet of bungers per round, we look forward to his return to our ranks.

Friday, July 5th


1st Paul Smith (4) Net 66

2nd Robby Watts (8) Net 72

3rd Chris Delamare (1) Net 72

4th Stuart Brown (9) Net 73

Near pins Chris Delamare, Stuart Brown, Paul Smith X 2.

Rain was falling as fifteen golfers left Woody’s for the first medal round of the month at Pattavia. On arrival at the course, the rain was still falling and continued for another two hours, the prospect of play didn’t look good. Eventually, at about 1.00pm the rain finally stopped and play commenced under grey skies and with no wind. The course drained remarkably well so conditions for play were excellent. All the top guns fired today and dominated the winner’s circle. Paul Smith off a handicap of four took first place with a score of two under the stick including four birdies for a net sixty-six. After a very poor start with only eight points from the first six holes, Robby Watts recovered with twenty-eight from the next twelve to take second place with a net seventy-two edging out Chris Delamare on countback. The final place in the winner’s circle went to Stuart Brown in fourth place with a net seventy-three. The near pins came from the same group with Chris Delamare and Stuart Brown with one each and Paul Smith took two. Today we welcomed back Massao (Rocky) Ishikawa and Nial Glover to our ranks and we also had a late night visit from Stuart Tinkler looking well after triple bypass surgery but not yet ready for the golf course. Today also marked one year living in Thailand for Daryl Vernon.


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