Bunker Boys 1/4

Monday, April 1st


1st Neil Griffin (25) 38 points

2nd Brett Chan (17) 35 points

3rd Tony Robbins (19) 35 points

Near pins Neil Griffin & Jimmy Carr.

A recent survey of professional golfers revealed that what upsets them most on the course is slow play, no doubt a survey of amateurs would reveal a similar result. Today we had a four-ball two groups in front of our lead group who appeared to be not particularly good golfers but worse were totally oblivious to the etiquette of golf and held up the whole course all day. How appropriate it was on April fools day. Conditions were blustery with thunder rumbling in the sky and rain clouds all around, fortunately, we were unaffected by it and finished the round dry. Pattavia is probably in the best condition of any of the courses locally and represents good value with low season green and caddie fee. A good field of thirteen made the effort as it was the last games of this tour for Takeshi Hakozaki, Brett Chan, and Raleigh Gosney, all returning to their home countries, well maybe not Raleigh, we look forward to their return.

Neil Griffin set a cracking pace on the front nine with twenty-four points before throwing out an anchor and ending with thirty-eight points in first place. Brett Chan in his first visit for two years made his first appearance in the winners circle with thirty-five points in second place beating Tony Robbins into third on countback. Only two near pins were claimed and one involved a remarkable piece of skill. Jimmy Carr on the third par three hit his ball no more than one foot off the ground, it quickly came back to earth bouncing every which way, narrowly avoiding the gully in front of the green and rolled up to within two feet of the pin, proving the old adage that sometimes “its better to be lucky than good”.

Wednesday, April 3rd

Pattana B & C.

1st Stuart Brown (10) 35 points

2nd Geoff Parker (16) 35 points

3rd Ken Hopkins (12) 31 points

Near pins Peter Kelly, Ken Hopkins, & Stuart Brown.

It appears that monsoon season is already upon us. Following yesterdays torrential downpour which flooded much of Pattaya, today dawned bright and sunny, however by the time we reached Pattana the outlook changed with some dark clouds about and thunder rumbling in the distance. Nevertheless, we were optimistic we would complete the round dry. Low season pricing means this fine course is now back on our playing roster. We were allocated the B & C nines and as expected the pick, clean, and place rule was applied. Our optimism about finishing dry all changed on the twelfth tee when the lightning became frightening and the rain tumbled down requiring an hour-long stay in the nearest drinks station. By the time it stopped raining and the lightning disappeared our first group had decided to pull up stumps and walked back to the clubhouse. There they met our second group about to tee off  on the tenth so back they went to the twelfth to continue the round which all finished with the exception of Jimmy Carr, who by this time was in the shower. Who would have thought Jimmy was a quitter?, must have had a pressing engagement elsewhere.

In his first game with us for some time Stuart Brown ousted Geoff Parker from first place on countback with newly arrived Ken Hopkins taking third place. Ken also took a near pin as well as Peter Kelly with Stuart Brown taking two. Yet another last game of the season, this time it was the turn of Rocky Ishi who returns to Japan.

Friday, April 5th


1st Geoff Cox (17) 37 points

2nd Alan Sullivan (14) 36 points

3rd Geoff Parker (16) 34 points

Near pins Ken Hopkins, Gerry Cooney, Alan Sullivan, & Geoff Cox.

A bright sunny day lured out eleven golfers for our end of week game at Bangpra. Following some recent criticism in regard to the state of the course, it was nice to see that management took note as today the course was in very nice condition. In particular, the bunkers which were very shabby last time were well groomed today, the fairways recently mowed and the greens were nice to putt on without being ridiculously fast as they sometimes can be. Most courses will now start to improve as monsoon rain will green them up nicely.

Despite the course being quiet, the round was not excessively speedy with the effect that our first group had to let the second group play through after about nine holes. Geoff Cox took the honors today with a well compiled thirty-seven points. The ever consistent Alan Sullivan took second one stroke adrift while Geoff Parker rounded out the scoring with a score of thirty-four points. Near pins went to Ken Hopkins, Alan Sullivan, Geoff Cox and Gerry Cooney, nice to see Gerry back on the course again. One week to go before most golfers depart Pattaya for various upcountry trips to get away from the madness of Songkran. The Bunker Boys will return to Khao Yai this year to play Forest Hills (Sir James), Khao Yai Country Club, Kirimaya, and Mountain Creek, with a possible game at Lotus Valley or  Royal Hills on the way back to Pattaya.


Neil Griffin.


Geoff Parker Golfer of the Month.




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