Bunker Boys 1/2

Monday, January 28th

Greenwood A & B

1st Ken Elmore (20) 38 points

2nd Peter Allen (29) 37 points

3rd Kob Glover (27) 36 points

4th Raleigh Gosney (23) 35 points

5th Colin Greig (11) 34 points

Near pins Les Cobban, Alan Sullivan, Colin Greig X 2

A good field of twenty-two made the trip to the very popular Greenwood course for the second last game of the month. Despite there being two other societies at the course before us we encountered no delays and the speed of play was excellent. The weather was mild with a cool breeze blowing so conditions were perfect for golf. We had not played the B nine for several months so most looked forward to seeing what it was like and as usual, it didn’t disappoint even though the C nine is most peoples favorite.

The standard of play was high with some excellent scores returned none better than Ken Elmore who despite throwing out an anchor by wiping the last still managed thirty-eight points just enough to avoid a cut to his handicap. Peter Allen made an appearance at the club at seven o clock so it was obvious he had a good score, a thirty-seven to take second place. Kob Glover continued her good run of form and took third with thirty-six so she clearly was unaffected by being out at the back of the field. Raleigh Gosney with thirty-five points took fourth and Colin Greig rounded out the winner’s circle with thirty-four and also snared two near pins, the others going to Les Cobban and Alan Sullivan.

Wednesday, January 30th

Bangpakong Riverside Country Club

1st Peter Allen (29) 40 points

2nd Steve Durey (22) 40 points

3rd Ken Elmore (20) 39 points

4th Michael Brett (13) 39 points

Near pins Mike Lloyd, Dave Maw, Stuart Brown, Michael Brett.

The last game of the month was played at the Bangpakong Riverside Course. This course normally gets rave reviews for its condition, today however it was not up to its usual standard. Much of the course had been overwatered and some areas were quite soggy, also the greens were very variable in speed and no logical reason could be seen for this. The temperature was quite mild with a nice breeze keeping things comfortable. As always the scoring on this relatively easy course was high and once again the high handicappers dominated the scoreboard. Peter Alen followed up his second placing on Monday with a first place of forty points beating Steve Durey on countback, Steve has been having lessons recently which seem to be paying dividends. Ken Elmore who is enjoying a rich vein of form lately having won on Monday with thirty-eight points went one better today and took third place with a remarkable twenty-four points on the back nine beating Michael Brett on countback into fourth place. Several others returned very good scores of thirty-six Near pins were shared by Mike Lloyd, Ken Elmore, Stuart Brown and Michael Brett.

As it was the last game of the month it was time to find the winner of the golfer of the month and there was no need to look too far as it had already been wrapped up easily by Keith Norman who despite a few recent poor rounds had done enough early in the month to secure the win by a comfortable margin, probably the biggest winning margin in a long time in what is normally the most difficult month to win.

Friday, February 1st

Mountain Shadow

1st Neil Griffin (24) 35 points

2nd Colin Greig (11) 34 points

3rd Dave Ashman (18) 34 points

4th Jimmy Carr (15) 34 points

5th Mark Stanley (9) 33 points

6th Les Cobban (7) 32 points

Near pins Dave Ashman, Ken Elmore, Steve Durey

A very good field of twenty-eight played the first game of a new month at the popular if difficult Mountain Shadow course. Normally this course is in good condition, today was the worst condition we have seen for a long time. The combination of high season ware and tear coupled with a lack of recent rain is taking its toll. Many of the fairways had brown or straw color grass and bare areas were common.

Another dreadfully slow high season round with several delays, not much one can do in the circumstances, just sick it up. It was a bad day for some with Les Cobban losing all three sixes and also forfeiting his sixth place winnings to the delinquent fund, as he thought he would miss out on a place. Mark Stanley once again for the umpteenth time generously donated his winnings and Neil Griffin rang the bell so some free beverages for all. Colin Greig almost bagged an ace at the third parr three, unfortunately for him, it was at the second attempt having put his first in the water.

Despite only playing once a week Neil Griffin seems to be able to maintain a good standard and took first place with thirty-five points. Colin Greig, Dave Ashman, and Jimmy Carr had thirty-four points each and finished in that order separated on countback. Mark Stanley took fifth with thirty-three whilst the man with the hat Les Cobban brought up the rear. A good pot for the three near pin winners Dave Ashman, Ken Elmore, and Steve Durey.




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