Bunker Boys 08/05

Monday May 8,

Khao Kheow,(white tees), Medal.

1st Geoff Parker(16)                                                               68 net

2nd Stuart Tinkler(14)                                                             72

3rd Colin Greig(11)                                                                 74

Near pins: Colin Greig(2), Gary Mc Phail, Stan Real.

A very good roll up of golfers for the first medal round of the month. Car parks looked empty as we arrived at the course so we checked in and teed off without delay to enjoy an uninterrupted round. Thunder rumbled all around us and dark ominous clouds dominated the skyline, however, the weather gods were on our side as it seemed to rain everywhere around us and we were left dry.

The condition of the course was its usual high standard with well grassed fairways and greens that were good to putt on. Despite the challenging nature of the course scoring was of a high standard. The inform Geoff Parker returned the best score of the day with a net sixty-eight, rumour has it that Geoff threw out an anchor on the closing hole to protect his new dodgy handicap of sixteen, no doubt he will come to the attention of the handicapper very soon.After an indifferent start to his current tour, Stuart Tinkler found the form we know he is capable of and returned a very nice card of net seventy-two, with Colin Greig starting to come through with his first appearance on the scoresheet two further back. Colin also bagged two near pins as well as one each to Gary McPhail and Stan Reay both visiting from Newcastle in the UK.

One issue which comes up occasionally is the small matter of score counting. It seems some players are better at counting their playing partners score than their own, both scores are of equal importance. Golf is the only sport where scoring is left totally to the players so it is important to maintain the integrity of the system. Golf can sometimes be very pedantic where the rules make little sense, many of these issues will hopefully be resolved under the proposed new rule change, however scoring will still be left to the individuals to monitor.


Wednesday May 10,

Greenwood,( white tees),Stableford.

1st Colin Greig(11)                                                         40 pts oco

2nd Mike Brett(17)                                                         40

3rd Les Cobban(9)                                                         38

Near pins: Geoff Parker, Neil Carter, Mike Brett.

One of the upsides to a major Buddha day is the lack of traffic on the roads. After a very fast trip to the course where we found another benefit with a green/caddie fee of nine hundred and fifty baht. Conditions were almost as good as it gets, no wind, pleasant temperatures and a course in excellent condition. Play was completed at a leisurely pace with no hold ups, however on the last hole the rain which had been threatening for a few holes unleashed on us and drenched the last two groups.

Colin Greig who constantly whines about this course and only plays under protest didn’t appear to have any problems today taking first place with forty points, one might reasonably ask what is the problem?. Michael Brett on the same score lost on count back. After having played good consecutive front nines in the last two rounds only to fall apart on the back nine, he managed to hold it all together today. Only three near pins were claimed, Neil Carter almost getting a hole in one.


Friday May 12,

Patavia,white tees, Stableford.

1st Les Hall(24)                                                             43 pts

2nd Geoff Parker(14)                                                     36

3rd Peter Alan(30)                                                         35

Near pins: Colin Greig, Tony Robbins, Neil Carter, Dave Gow.

Attendance numbers remain strong for the low season the golfers making their way to Pattavia for the last game of the week. As we arrived we found an empty course and seemed to be the only ones playing. Conditions were hot and humid with dark threatening clouds all around, however, we completed a rain free round. Once again those pesky little black flies were on hand to make life miserable. As you travel around the course they are no problem, however, when you stand still to drive or putt they get in your face, ears and nose as well as hands and prove to be a real distraction. I am reliably informed that tiger balm is the answer so I intend to test the theory next round.

The range of scores varied from very ordinary to exceptional. Les Hall proved to be the man of the moment by returning a score of forty-three, top shelf by any measure. Les is an accomplished bowler and snooker players both of which demand a keen eye, no doubt this is of great benefit on the greens. Geoff Parker is intent on staying in the race for the “Golfer of the Month” and secured second place a whole seven strokes back, with Peeter Allen a stroke further back. In Peters case, the trouble and strife was on hand to take care of the winnings. Making the presentation Neil Carter made a real faux par by announcing the winner as the laughing Les Burns and not the less laughing Les Hall. One who struggled with an indifferent round today was another Les, Les Cobban who managed an eagle on the last holing out from the bunker. If anyone thinks that there were only three with the name Les there was one more, Les Humphries.

A trip to Kabin Buri is being planned for Wed 24th with a very good deal on two rounds of golf plus overnight accommodation, anyone interested should contact the club for further details.

Les Hall

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