The Bunker Boys 06/06

Golfer of the Month

The close tussle for the Golfer of the Month award for May somewhat fizzled out when Neil Carter closed the deal with two firsts, a second and a third in succession giving him a total of 56 points out of a possible 60 leaving the remaining contenders of Jimmy Carr, Geoff Parker, Stuart Tinkler and Tony Robbins wallowing in his wake. So congratulations Neil, a great way to welcome the Bunker Boys to The ‘M’ Club.

 Monday 2nd June, Bang Pakong Stableford White Tees 

1st Geoff Parker (15) 41pts

2nd Jimmy Carr (18) 36pts

3rd Neil Carter (14) 35pts

Near Pins:

Neil Carter 2, Keith Hemmings, Jimmy Carr.

The courses are really taking a beating from the drought and even Bang Pakong  was suffering and looking far from its normal pristine self. Eight Bunker Boys made the ride only to find our organizer, who had earlier cried off sick with stomach pains, had messed up the booking . Fortunately, they fitted us in and an enjoyable round ensued. Geoff Parker woke up thinking he was a much better golfer than his recent scores suggest and proceeded to demonstrate it with a commanding 41 points, winning in a canter. Jimmy Carr’s 36 points nudged  out the ever consistent Neil Carter’s 35 points to take second. Neil Carter, with the Golfer of the Month safely under his belt, took two near pins, Jimmy Carr took his regular one and Peter Allen missed out for the second time in a row!!. Welcome back, even for a short stay, to Keith Hemmings and Roger Tuohy.

Wednesday 4th June Stableford Blue tees

1st Mark Stanley (8) 32pts

2nd Roger Tuohy (10) 31pts cb

3rd Jimmy Carr (18) 31pts

 Near Pins:

Roger Tuohy, Jimmy Carr

Ten Bunker Boys set off to take advantage of the special discount this month at Laem Chabang. There was a heavy shower as we left Pattaya but although the rain clouds and thunder hung around we were able to complete a rain free round. The threat of rain and the knowledge that the Mountain course was closed for coring and top dressing, and the Valley and Lake had only just been sanded probably deterred people as the course was deserted (apparently only 9 groups were playing). The greens on the Lake nine had recovered well, but they were still slow and uneven on the Valley nine. Against the wishes of the shorter hitters, we elected to play off the Blue tees which was a big mistake as many of them were placed next to the black’s resulting in several players having trouble making the water carries.  As a result scores were not good. Marty Rock and Jimmy Carr had good opening 9’s with 18 points but fell away on the back. Mark Stanley, with 18 points on the back nine including a no score on the 18th, took the honors with 32 points. Roger Tuohy edged out Jimmy Carr for second on count back with 31 points. Naturally Jimmy Carr routinely picked up a near pin prize.Most of us want to return as it is a beautiful course but with a very definite vote to play off the white.

Friday 06th June Mountain Shadow Stableford Blue tees

1st Tony Robbins (15)  34 pts cb

2nd Geoff Parker  (15) 34 pts

3rd Keith Hemmings  (19) 33 pts

Near Pins:

Tony Robbins , Frank Quinlan, Mark Stanley.

Eleven brave souls headed up to a course that has been showing bare patches because of the drought but were welcomed by  reinvigorated fairways and greens  due to the recent rains. We thought we were going to get wet but luckily missed the impending showers. The first three ball made their way around the course in record time and had already departed when the fourballs made it to the locker room.However, speed was of no assistance as none of them managed to win, place, or show. Tony Robbins, who felt deprived of the GOM, made an early start in the new month  by edging out Geoff Parker on a count back. Peter Allen, playing in the first group, was sure he had won two near pins only to find out that Tony Robbins had deprived him of both.

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