The Bunker Boys 05-09/09

Monday, August, 5th, Pattavia G.C.  White Tees  — Medal —

All the chatter back at the M Club concerned many of the unforgiving greens on this lovely track. Unforgiving in the sense that you either holed it on your first attempt or you most likely three or four putted. The pin placements were strategically placed in areas that gave you the feeling of being on a trolley car in San Francisco: up and down or down and up and back again was the order of the day.

We welcomed back two of our guys: Tony Robbins and Lance Conway Jones. Tony had a hard time gripping a club after being away from Pattaya for nearly a month, and Lance was one of the few players, along with Peter Allen, who managed to negotiate the tricky greens.

The Bunker Boys pride themselves on knowing and playing by the rules of golf; and always observing the finest golf etiquette. This adherence to etiquette was on display today as one of our groups found themselves struggling horrendously, quite obviously slowing the pace of play, and allowed their compatriots to play through. An outstanding gesture of camaraderie and display of etiquette.

1st) Peter Allen (30)  69 net

2nd) Lance Conway Jones (14)  70 net

3rd) Raleigh Gosney (17)  72 net

Near Pins: Colin Greig (2), Trevor Priestly


Wednesday, August, 7th, Parichat G.C.  Blue Tees  — Stableford —

At 6,300 yards off the blues, Parichat is one of the most demanding courses in the area. In fact, if you are lucky enough to finish the round with the same ball you started with, you would most likely say you had a good day, regardless of score. It’s the kind of track you need to play a half dozen times to get a true feel for and, even then, precision placement of your ball is paramount in order to stay out of the hazards.

Two unusual occurrences today: Les Cobban had an eagle on the 570 yard par-6 12th hole, and a Thai 6-ball let one of our groups play through. This was the second round in a row that Jimmy, Neil, and their playing partners were being held up by slow play but allowed to play through due to an understanding of proper golf etiquette.

Colin finally found his game face on the 10th hole and romped home with twenty points on the back to take first place with a total of thirty. Les Cobban, even with the eagle, could only manage twenty-eight for second place, and Neil Carter outdueled three other players on count back to take third with twenty-seven.

1st) Colin Greig (11) 30 pts

2nd) Les Cobban (8) 28 pts

3rd) Neil Carter (15) 27 pts cb

Near Pins: Raleigh Gosney (2), Jimmy Carr


Friday, August 9th, Khao Kheow C.C.  A&C  Yellow Tees  — Stableford —

Many of our guys were happy to be back on familiar turf after the Wednesday round at Parichat. Some could even be heard to say, “now, this is a real golf course”. Khao Kheow is indeed a world class championship course and it was in fine nick on this beautiful Friday afternoon in golf paradise. One suggestion, however, would be for the caddie master to be diligent in providing bunker rakes for the caddies. Clubbing it should refer to a night out on the town, not using your wedge to repair bunkers.

Both Trevor and Takeshi proved their medal by hanging tough after a poor front nine: Takeshi with 22 points on the back to take first place with a total of 35, and Trevor with 22 on the back for a total of 31 to take third place.

The par-4 9th hole on the A-course was the scene of the exclamation, “WOW! what a putt”, as Colin sinks a thirty-footer that moves up and then down, left and then right, before gently creeping over the edge to find the bottom of the tin.

1st) Takeshi (14) 35 pts

2nd Geoff Parker (14) 34 pts

3rd) Trevor Priestly (22) 31 pts

Near Pins: John Philippines, Colin Greig, Raleigh Gosney, Geoff Parker



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