The Bunker Boys 04/04

1st Geoff Parker (15)  36 points
2nd Les Cobban (8)    36
3rd Neil Carter (17)    34
1st Tore Eliassen (21) 37
2nd Frank Quinlan (28)35
3rd Trevor Priestly (23)35
Near Pins:
Trevor Priestly,Geoff Parker,Tore Eliassen.

A good turnout of 18 players made their way through the pineapple fields to this challenging course which was in excellent condition for this time of year. Fairways were lush and greens were fast downhill but true and fair. Geoff Parker is returning to form with a top of the podium finish in A-flight closely chased by Les Cobban. Tore Eliassen returned the top score of the day in the B-flight. A lot of our players are playing 6 ‘s in their four-balls and Geoff was most disappointed that he lost all three to his playing partners despite his win in the competition.

Wednesday 6 th April Crystal Bay G.C.  C&B  —Medal —

1 st Mark Stanley (9)    Net 71
2 nd Frank Quinlan (28)      71
3 rd Peter Habgood (23)      72
Near Pins:
Mark Stanley 2 ,Peter Habgood.

Being a Buddha day as well as a medal competition may account for the low turnout of only 3 groups to this regular venue. Despite very few golfers on the course our society paid the holiday rate to play on what is quickly turning into a dust bowl. The B nine was in better condition than the C with the greens in reasonably good condition and running at a medium pace. The golf buggies are still in poor condition and desperately need to have their seats fixed in place rather than relying on tees jammed in front to stop the seat sliding forward; and the players’ rear-end having a conversation with the battery pack.

Friday 8 th April Khao Kheow C.C.  C&B  — Stableford —

1 st Mark Stanley (9) 43 Points
2 nd Les Coban (8)  36
3 rd Lance Conway Jones (13) 34
1 st P J Redman (28)    37
2nd Neil Carter (17)      35
3rd Les Hall (22)          34
Near Pins
Mark Stanley,Les Cobban,Lance Conway Jones,Mashi Kaneta.

A good turnout for our competition at Khao Kheow as everyone knew the course was in top condition and no one was disappointed. The greens in particular were smooth and reasonably fast. The weather was hot again and a few of those who did not take a buggy were regretting their decision. Mark Stanley enjoyed his second win in a row and after 15 holes was 2 under par when he suddenly realized that his handicap was under threat for next weeks’ Kanchanaburi golf tour, but still managed to finish seven strokes under his handicap and took the honors in A-flight with 43 points. A hearty welcome return to P. J. Redman who was unable to play for a while because of injury but on his return was able to head up the B-flight with 37 points.

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