Bunker Boy 12/12

A Flight


1st Geoff Parker (14)          37 pts.

2nd Colin Greig (11)           33

3rd Dave Ashman(17)        32

B Flight


1st Ken Davidson (23)        35

2nd Neil Jones (19)            34

3rd Murray Greig (22)         34

Near Pins;- Neil Jones, Murray Greig, Andy Brady, Gez Williams.

A good turnout for our trip up the 331 to a regular venue that for an all inclusive rate is the best value for money in the area. This was a public holiday so we paid weekend rates which was still better than most courses weekday rates. And then as an added bonus there were new Yamaha buggies that were a delight to drive. Geoff Parker finally overcame his second place finishes by posting a better than par result to win the A flight from Colin Greig. In the B flight it was nice to see a new face in the top spot with Ken Davidson winning with 35 pts. just beating Neil Jones and Murray Greig both on 34 with Neil winning the count back with 20 to Murray’s 14.

Wednesday Dec 14 Khao Kheow (yellow tees)


A Flight


1st Colin Greig  (11)                      35 pts

2nd Mike Brett    (20)                     34

3rd Gordon Melia(16)                    33 ocb

B Flight


1st P J Redmond (26)                   31

2nd Richard Baldotto (22)             31

3rd Frank Quinlan  (35)                 31

Near Pins;- Ian Rattay, Richard Baldotto, Ken Elmore,Gordon Melia.

A lovely overcast day provided great golfing weather to one of the best courses in the area and we were greeted by a course that could not be faulted with true fast greens and well sanded and racked bunkers. This is not an easy course as reflected by the scores which saw no one beat their handicap with Colin Greig coming closest by winning A flight with 35 pts closely followed by Mike Brett on 34. In the B flight there were three equal scores of 31 pts with P J Redmond winning the count back from Richard Baldotto each having 18 on the back nine but P J winning with 13 on the last six to Richard’s 10. The near pins provided two very close results of under 12 inches with Ian Rattery slotting in a great shot just short on the B 8th island par three and Gordon Melia ending just behind the cup on C 3rd par three. He claimed that it never looked like going in the hole and that his group were surprised at how it had ended up behind the hole.

Monday Dec 16  Bangpra (yellow tees)


1st Michael Brett (20)          40 pts

2nd Gerry Cooney(19)        39

3rd Colin Greig  (11)           37

Near Pins;-Neil Jones, Les Cobban (2), Ken Elmore.

Due to the volume of people returning home to their respective countries for the festive season numbers were down today. Seventeen golfers made their way up highway 7 to the ever popular Bangpra course where we encountered the usual delay being prevented from checking in until the appointed time. The course was virtually empty so play progressed at a good pace with the round completed in just over 3.5 hours. Playing conditions were ideal for golf with the course in excellent condition, and the weather pleasantly mild, so much so that the monkeys decided to join in, one taking a keen interest in a hat in a buggy and another trying to eat a ball on the 7th fairway. Despite the challenge of the course scores were good with Gerry Cooney expecting to win with 39 pts, however, he was beaten into 2nd place by the eventual winner Mike Brett, who despite two wipes on the back nine scored 40 pts. His playing partners noted on the last tee box that he already won with his excellent score and this resulted in Mike throwing out his handicap anchor and scoring a blank on the last hole. Victory was all the sweeter with a helping of delicious apple pie made by Neil’s mom back at the MClub. A good time was had by all.


Mike Brett winner at Bangpra.

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