Billabong 30/5

Miss Kran and Brian, Greg Ritchie and Brian





The trip along the 36 to Green Valley was a nightmare today for there were 2 obstructive accidents and the normal 30 minute journey took close to 1 hour so everyone was late on the tee. So perhaps that was a contributory factor for  the scores to be, by and large, average for most of those teeing off had not quite settled down when standing on the tee. We were pleased to see Brian Chapman CEO of Haven Consultants, the longtime sponsor of the Billabong monthly medal , play today.   Only three golfers did better than par and Miss Kran (22)  was one of them with a net 69 despite an eight on the first hole and a seven to follow but she recovered well on the way home dropping only 7 shots to win the medal. The consistent Miss Noodle (13) cannot be ignored when she plays and today was no exception for she occupied 2nd place with a net 70 with a great front nine dropping only 3 shots. Miss Thip (18) came 3rd with a net 73 despite an eight on the par 14th. Miss Porn (22) was level par for the first six holes but an 11 on the 7th hole put a dent in her aspirations to end with a net 73 losing on a countback. Selwyn Wegner (15) was surprised to finish 4th with a net 74 just 1 behind Thiery Temine (23) who was  having a bad time on the return trip dropping 15 shots to lose a countback to Keith Allen (12) who  had a good back nine with five consecutive 4s from  the 14th hole. For the second month in a row, Greg Ritchie (30) came out on top with a net 69 despite recording 3 sevens  on his card. Three 2s  today going to Noodle, Sasicha and two to Les Smith.

From  June 5th  Capt. Bob has arranged for an alternative Wednesday venue at Laem  Chabang  in addition to Green Valley with the exception of the Haven Consultants medal day.

Lloyd Shuttleworth, Greg and Brian.

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