Billabong 21/12

Lift, clean and place in December?? You have got to be kidding but that is the reality of the situation at the moment at Green Valley.

For following our comments last week about the dreadful condition of the areas around the greens it is difficult to find an explanation for surface water appearing in these areas bearing in mind that we have had no rain for about 6 weeks. Do Green Valley – or should it be Barcelona Valley now – not have an automated timing system on the sprinklers for this technology is not obscure, it is the norm. We are, after all, in the 21st century. There is so much mud on the approaches to the greens that balls plug if you land inches short. But looking on the bright side,  the holidays were only a few days away and the male members were a little subdued in the bar but  the ladies made up for them to set the pace starting the festivities with a bang – as you can see from the photograph. The weather is perfect at the moment but many of the Billabong regulars obviously had a heavy night on Tuesday  for at least three had less than 20 points and in one instance only 4 points on the front nine followed by 7 on the back nine. We are all gentlemen at the Billabong and names will not be mentioned Fergus. Miss Som had 4 blobs today  but still managed 35 points for 3rd but way short of Miss Nu finishing 2nd with 38 points. Miss Da had 22 points on the front to finish top of the league with 39 points. In the men’s competition John Player lost out to  that old reliable, Jeff North, for 3rd place both with 34 points. Chaten Patel came 2nd with 37 points but Freddy Starbeck won the day with 38 points. Two 2s today going to Tony Oakes and John Anderson.

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