Bunker Boys 17/12

Jimmy Carr                                                                            Job Glover

Monday, December 17th

Bangpakong Riverside Country Club

1st Gary Smith (8) 40 points

2nd Les Humphrey (28) 38 points

3rd Takeshi Hakozaki (13)  38 points

Near pins Keith Norman, Takeshi Hakozaki, Gary Smith, Ronnie Melvin.

The usual comings and goings of the festive season continue with the departure of Tony Robbins to Oz, and the arrival of Paul Lanzetta and Ronnie Melvin to our ranks. Another low turnout of fourteen once again with many of our locals not playing, must have been busy with Christmas shopping.

The scourge of Thai golf, the ubiquitous six ball struck us again today with not just one but two six balls and a five ball put out in front of us, needless to say, the inevitable happened with a round of very slow frustrating golf. The course was as usual in fine condition, well grassed and groomed, the weather was fine and not too hot and the caddies were of a high standard.

Despite the frustration of slow play many seemed totally unaffected by it and returned excellent cards none better than Gary Smith who scored forty points. Second place with thirty-eight points went to Les Humphrey, Les unpacked a completely new set of clubs at the M Club before driving to the course, clearly, these clubs suit him perfectly as there was no settling in, just straight down to business. Third place went to Takeshi Hakozaki also on thirty-eight points beaten on count-back. Near pins went to the cack-handed Ronnie Melvin, Gary Smith, Takeshi Hakozaki, and Keith Norman

“Now is the Winter of our discontent” at the Bunker Boys with the apparent hijacking of the AGM by a cabal of players who seldom play wishing to change the rules by which we all play to suit their own agenda, more on that in the future when the dust settles.

Wednesday, December 19th


1st Michael Brett (13) 39 points

2nd Paul Lanzetta (3) 38 points

3rd Keith Norman (14) 33 points

4th Gary Smith (7) 32 points

Near Pins Paul Lanzetta, Daryl Vernon, Keith Norman, Kevin Labar.

How does a man in need of a white cane get a near pin from one hundred and eighty yards? how does a handicap go from fourteen to twelve and back to sixteen all in the space of a week? , how does someone snap their seven iron in two around a tree no more than fifty yards from the first tee? these are some of the many questions we are left to ponder following today’s round at Bangpra. This is only our second visit to Bangpra following our estrangement earlier in the year, and it has to be said, this is the most unwelcoming venue on our playing roster, reception desk staff are positively hostile. This is a shame as the course is now back to the best condition in years, in particular, the greens are very slippery indeed just as we remember them two years ago. A round of three and a half hours today as the course was virtually empty, it seems many societies are reluctant to return following the mid-year drama when bookings were canceled without notice and green fees raised significantly. A much better showing today with twenty-one golfers on hand.

Today’s winner Michael Brett had his best round for some time with thirty-nine points beating Paul Lanzetta who on most days would have expected to win with thirty-eight points. Some distance back was Keith Norman of the white cane fame with thirty-three points, while Gary Smith couldn’t repeat his heroics of Monday came in fourth with thirty-two points. Near pins went to Keith Norman, Daryl Vernon, Paul Lanzetta, and Kevin Labar. Shot of the day went to Daryl who put his tee shot with the driver to about eighteen inches from the hole on the second parr three. Les Humphrey who shot the lights out on Monday with brand new clubs had a Barry Crocker today, could it be he played what ought to have been Monday’s game today?.

Friday, December 21st

Pleasant Valley

1st Jimmy Carr (15) 37 points

2nd Michael Brett (12) 36 points

3rd Neil Griffin (25) 36 points

4th Keith Norman (14) 35 points

Near pins Neil Griffin, Mark Stanley, Neil Jones, Neil Carter.

Today’s tee time was put back forty minutes due to another society bringing more groups than they had originally booked. To make matters they were terminally slow so yet another frustratingly slow game. The course was surprisingly damp given we have had no rain lately, it seems the sprinkler system had been on for a prolonged period in the early morning. A reasonable roll-up of nineteen players for today’s round played in bright sunshine. One of our members complained before the game that he wasn’t capable of playing off thirteen, quick smart came back the reply, “well play off twelve then”, no sympathy here.

Jimmy Carr took the honors today with a round of thirty-seven, second went to Michael Brett with thirty-six. Neil Griffin who again started on fire with twenty-three on the front nine faded on the back and took third on countback, while Keith Norman took fourth place with thirty-five. All the Neils, Jones, Griffin, and Carter got near pins with the final one going to Mark Stanley. Our only lady member Kob Glover is about to take some lessons so we expect to see her back in the winner’s circle again very soon. The race for “Golfer of the Month” is hotly contested and evenly balanced going into the final rounds, any one from Jimmy Carr, Neil Carter, Keith Norman or Michael Brett could win unless someone from the back makes a late charge.






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