Billabong 14/12

A hive of activity around the new and elaborate entrance to the Green Valley complex which is in addition to the changes made around the 1st tee welcomes all visitors to this prestigious golf course. It is a pity that more attention is not made to the areas around the greens which are still wet even though we have not had rain for about 4 weeks and many of them are in an appalling condition. A ball landing just inches short will not progress to the green. The greens staff have, once again, reverted to their boy racer days to carve up many of the approaches to the greens and as a result there are more indentations than there are on face of the moon. The sun was a little shy today and decided not to show its face which provided us with a perfect day of golf which was reflected in some excellent scores. In the ladies comp Miss Poopay came in with 40 points but only good enough to claim 3rd spot. Miss Eng had 22 points on the back nine but, amazingly, lost out to Miss Tan who bettered that score with 26 points on the back nine. Her front nine yielded only 15 points, so what happened after the ninth hole to spark this recovery I wonder, for her to win both having 41  points. Paul Hack did a Rory Mcllroy and needed a wake up call at 9 o’clock  to remind him that he should be on the tee but  I am too much of a gentleman to reveal his response, but he still managed 22 points on the front nine when he did eventually tee off. Jeff North had a respectable 37 points for 4th place but well behind the leading bunch. Wayne Cotterell, playing his last game for 4 weeks,  dropped just the 1 shot on the front nine with 24 points but 2 blobs on the back nine did not help his cause and he lost out to  Auke Engelkes who relegated him  to 3rd both having 40 points. But the star of the day was Tony Oakes who equaled Wayne’s achievement on the back nine by having 8 pars and only one dropped shot and that on  the 16th par 3 for 41 points. Only one 2 today which went to Miss Noodle.


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