Billabong 12/04




After two waterlogged weeks of golf, it was a great relief when we arrived to see the sun shining, no threat of rain, a gentle breeze and a 50 baht green fee, yes a 50 baht green fee for members. One fly in the ointment, excuse the pun, was the return of the fruit flies making a beeline for your eyes and, speaking from experience, they do not taste very good, perhaps fried would be better or to keep your mouth shut would be another consideration. The start of Songkran and 2 ladies birthdays were an excuse, not that the 12 Billabong ladies need an excuse, to dress up in traditional Thai dressware and venture forth. The scores for both ladies and man were very mixed, many middle 20 points or the mid to high 30s. The 2 birthdays ladies occupied 1st and 4th places with Miss Som making it a happy day with 35 points, Miss Poopay occupying 4th with 31 points having 3 blobs on the way. Between those two were Miss Nu on 34 points just missing out with 19 on the front against Miss Som’s 20 and Miss Ann coming 3rd with 32 points with her round coming undone on the back 9 with 3 blobs and 11 points. There was a scramble for 4th place in the men’s division on 36 points but William Macey edged the competition with 19 on the back nine with 13 points for the last 4 holes. Wayne Cotterell birdied the 1st and 3rd holes and was expecting greater things from the day but stuttered a little to finish with 38 points. Three golfers had 40 points, Sel Wegner birdying the last hole had 19 on the back nine, Tony Oakes taking advantage of his new handicap, blobbed the 16th hole but I am too much of a gentleman to  mention how,  to miss out to Graham Beaumont who had 21 points to claim the trophy. Continuing the tone of the day, the two birthday ladies were the only ones to have a two in the ladies competition accompanied by Tony Oakes. As expected, back at the Billabong the ladies were prepared for a party and thanks to the generosity of Miss Poopay’s better half, Fergus kindly arranged for everyone to be treated to a delicious buffet meal. The noise level increased during the evening but everyone had a great time.



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