Billabong 09/08




Green Valley was closed for the third week running and there is evidence that this arrangement is not popular with everyone. Many golfers feel the need to walk the course being the only exercise they have and having to pay 600 baht for a buggy that they do not want is beginning to have an effect. When you arrive at a club that offers 36 holes and only a dozen cars in the car park seems to indication that a problem is developing. The first Billabong group today hared round in  3½  hours losing sight of the group behind wondering if they had taken a wrong turn, but each player in the group recording 32 points plus. Greig Ritchie blew hot and cold today scoring a remarkable 18 points on only 4 holes on the front nine. I will refrain from mentioning the other 14 holes although he did have a 36 point total which, unfortunately,  was not sufficient to dislodge Vincent Smith from 3rd spot  with 16 points on the back nine. Auke Engelkes came good on the back nine with 21 points to finish 2nd with 37 points well behind the winner, Douggie Crowe, who had 9 pars and 1 birdie for his 40 points. 14  ladies played at Phoenix Gold today, at least they could walk to maintain their elegant  figures, with Miss Nu finishing 4th  with 37 points. Miss Som had a strange day, starting the back nine with only 2 points on the first 3 holes, but  had a birdie for 5 points  on the next  hole, which is  the long index 2, but she lost  out to Miss Da on a countback for 38 points. But something happened on the 10th tee drink station for both Miss Da and Miss Pin, who won the day on 40 points, had a change of fortune for Miss Da had 22 points and Miss Pin had 23 points on the back nine, neither would reveal what it was, to establish there place on the podium. Three twos today going to Nu, Sa and Pin.

William Macey.

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