Billabong 08/02




We have all had the problem when it is our turn to putt, someone – or more than one – give every impression of having done  the  a bossa nova (that is a dance for the uninitiated) around the pin creating a host of spike marks on your  line. Naturally, being the fine upstanding sportspersons we are, we abide by the rule that dictates these cannot be touched, even in Thailand. Well you heard it here for the first time, the powers that be are rumoured to be considering rescinding this rule to allow the golfer to repair these marks as you can pitch-marks. Don’t hold your breath but watch this space. A full complement today of 40 players including 11 ladies yielded six 2s going to Jim Brackett, Tony McD, Glyn Davies, William Macey, Kevin Wild and Peter Poppleton. The overall scores were very good with Gerard Lambert claiming 4th place with 38 points,  Warren Miller losing out to Selwyn Wegner on 39 points having 20 on the back nine to Selwyn’s  21. But Peter, I only played 7 times in the last week, LeNoury leading the way with 40 points. In the ladies Capt. Bob’s skills were called into to focus deciding that Miss Yen lost out to Miss Poopay on 36 points with the back nine, six and the last three holes all being identical. Miss Thip also fell at the last fence losing out to Miss Pin to occupy 2nd spot who had 24 points on the back nine to take the honours on  39 points.



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