Billabong 02/11

The changes to the course have now been delayed until December 1st which will give the management time to be able to have the cards re-printed with the correct information. Following recent heavy rain the course is looking really  good now  but many wet patches exist either through heavy rain or damaged sprinkler heads and it is a shame that these areas appear to be situated exactly where the greens staff want to drive their heavy machinery causing deep ruts around the course. A little more caution should, perhaps, be exercised? Wednesday is always well supported by the Billabong regulars with 12 ladies taking part making a total of 36 today. Miss Sa continued her recent good form having a good back nine of 20 points for 3rd place. Miss Eng had the misfortune to start with a blob on the first hole and another on the last hole but still had 38 points only for Miss Poopay to win the day on 40 points with 2 four pointers doing her cause no harm at all. Lloyd Shuttleworth, on his return from foreign parts, played well for 37 points but not quite good enough to beat Auke Engelkes on the same score for 3rd place. Keith Allen thought he was going to have a really good day when he had 22 points on the front nine only to stumble a little on the return journey with 2 blobs coming second with 38 points just missing out to Jeff – my back is sore – North confirming the old saying ‘beware the injured golfer’ coming home with 39 points. The greens are certainly improving a fact that was established with six 2s, three  of them coming from the same group, William Macey, Richard Steadman and Tony Oakes the others being Jeff North, John Player and Miss Yen.


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