Billabong 02/08




Green Valley was not available again this week so off we went to Silky Oaks. The views around the course are as great as any around the area and there can be no complaints about the fairways, but that is the good news. The greens could be better and need some quality grass to be introduced, many of the bunkers have very little sand and it is difficult to find a level stance on most of the tees for they are in an appalling condition. Having said that, it was great golfing weather and a pleasure to be out and about. Despite the condition of the course, something extraordinary occurred today which we will never forget – but more of that later. Jeff North occupied 3rd place with 37 points with Auke Engelkes taking 2nd three points to the good. But Ted Gardner took the honours with 41 points which included 3 birdies. Miss Som lost out to Miss Karen on 38 points  with Miss Pin taking 2nd place despite having 3 blobs with 39 points. But would you believe she missed winning the day by 15 points. That is not misprint she was 15 points behind the winner. We all witnessed something that, probably, will never happen again for Miss May, playing off her 18 PSC handicap, had 3 birdies, 3 bogeys to record an incredible 54 points – 72 gross and 54 net. ‘I was just lucky today’ she said. Back at the Billabong the raucous celebrations went well into the evening to end the day that Miss May will remember for many years, FANTASTIC. To end this report something else happened which I must mention. We are taught from an early age that ‘you should not laugh at others misfortunes’ but it is difficult not to when along the 18th Peter Le Noury was stung on the nose by a hornet or two  and claimed that he could see his nose getting bigger by the minute which, when his partners could stop laughing long enough, encouraged some other comments which cannot be mentioned in this report.


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