Apple’s Irish Bar Golf of February 2021

Tuesday 2nd we played at Eastern Star, where the course was in very good condition. And at 1,50 baht plus a free beer and water great value for a quality venue. . In 4th place with 35pts was Tom Gorey (19). In 3rd with 36pts was Rudy Regenass (18). In 2nd place with a terrific 40pts, losing out on the back 9 was Rory Gilpin (16). The winner , having a great back 9 of 22pts, also with 40pts. Was Captain Gerry Conway (19)’

Tuesday 9th we had a very good turnout of 5 groups at Burapha G C for our monthly medal which is generously  sponsored by A1 Car and Bike Hire ( Paul Greenaway ). The course was in very good condition and weather conditions were perfect for golf. We had two 2’s, Rory Gilpin and Rudy Regenass. 2nd in B Flight with a nett 75 was Malcolm Adamson ( 25). 1st in B Flight with a net 72 was back in form Bill Peach (20). 2nd in A Flight with a  nett 73 was Tom Gorey (19). 1st in A Flight with a nett 71 was the ever present Captain Gerry. The medal winner with a great 69 nett was Dave Smith (12).

Monday 15th February we had a great turnout of 6 groups at Laem Chabang, where the course was in excellent condition with some great scores thrown in as well. We switched from 2’s to front and back 9’s, which were won by Ingkarat and Randy Tusing. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in B Flight with 38, 35 and 32 pts were Rudy Regenass (19), Tom Gorey (19) and Bill Collis (17).  1st, 2nd 3rd in A Flight were Mark Walter ( 13), Mike Jenkins (15) and Shaun Pullen 13). The overall winner with an excellent 38pts was Captain Gerry Conway (17)

On  Wednesday 17th we played at Khao Khaeow wkere to course was in very good condition. The 9’s were won by Randy Tusing and Bill Peach. In 3rd with 32pts was Captain Gerry (17). In 2nd  with 34pts was Tom Gorey (18). The winner with a great 37 pts was Rudy Regenass (19)

Friday 19th February saw the best turnout this year of 8 teams for our 4 man scramble at Pattana . The course was in excellent condition and at 1,100 all-in great value. In 3rd with a nett 59.9 were Derek Phillips,Mike Firkin, Bill Collis and Peter Davies. In 2nd with a 59.7 were Captain Gerry, John Heaney, Bill Peach and Peter Richardson. The winners with a very good 59 nett were Dave Smith, Ty Anderson, Stan Rees and Ian Corica. Great to see a close competition with only 1 shot separating the top 3.

On Tuesday 23rd another suprrb turnout of 28 at Pattaya Country Club. The course has improved greatly and at 1,080 baht all-in very good value for money. The 9’s went to Regenass on 24pts and Ian Corica on 20 pts. B flight 1,2 and 3 with 43, 39 and 38 pts were Mike Firkin (19), Alan Eden (26) and John Heaney (34) respectively. A Flight1, 2 and 3 with 38, 36 and 36pts were Derek Phillips (13), Greg Scott (18) and Captain Gerry (17). The overall winner with a fantastic 46pts (gross 78) was Hong Kong copper Glyn Davies ( 16)

Our final outing of February was to the lovely Pattana on Thursday 25th,  when we had 17 golfers. The 9’s went to Ian Corica with 19 pts and Greg Scott with 19pts also. In 4th with 35 pts was back in form Bill Peach (20). In 3rd with 37pts, B/9 of 22 was Rory Gilpin ( 15). In 2nd place with a great B/9 of 23pts was Mike Firkin. The winner with a great 38pts was back in form Derek Phillips (13).

Lattana Derek Phillips with Captain Gerry

Pattaya winner with Captain Gerry

Scramble winners Ian Corica, Ty Anderson, Stan Rees and Dave Smith with Captain Gerry.

February medal winner Dave Smith (left) with Captain Gerry (centre) and Paul Greenaway (sponsor ).

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