Apple’s Irish Bar 19/1

Our small society , despite current and understandable restrictions, continues to get good support.

On Tuesday 19th Jan we had a very good turnout of 6 groups for our January Medal which is gererously sponsored by A1 Car and Bike Hire. We played it at Pattaya Country Club which was in good condition and at 1,080 all-in great value for money. There were no 2’s so a very nice pot gets carried over to Laem Chabang. 1st, 2nd and 3rd in B Flight went to Rudy Regenass (20) Captain Gerry (19) and Randy Tusing (35) with 71, 73 and 76 nett respectively.  1st, 2nd and 3rd in A Flight went to Bob Newell (12), Paul Greenaway (12) and Simon Philbrook (10) with 69, 72, and 74 nett respectively. 1st place and Medal winner with a terrific 68 nett was Shaun Pullen ( 13 ).

Also a very good turnout for our 1st CrissCross 3Ball at Pattana. We had 5 groups and if Pullen hadn’t got pulled we would have had 6 groups. . In 3rd place, taking it on the last 6 with 44pts were Tim Knight and Andy Woodall. In 2nd place with 48pts were a pair of Galway Hookers, John Heaney and Captain Gerry. In 1st with a magnificient  50pts were Captain Gerry ( again) and Ian Corica.

A good tirnout also at Laem Chabang on Monday 25th. The course was ,as usual in great condition and the staff, as always were most welcoming and hospitable. We had a big 2’s pot carry over which dwindled as the day went on with 6 golfers in total registering 2’s. They were Glynn, Rudy, Ian,  Greg, Rory and John Warren. 1st and 2nd in B Flight with 37 and 36 pts were Randy Tusing (35) and Tom Gorey (19).  A Flight 1st and 2nd with excellent scores of 40 and 37 pts were Keith Allen (11) and Glynn Davies (16) respectively.  But man of the day , with a superb 41pts was our South African friend Rudy Regenass (19).

On Wednesday 27th we had our 1st qualifier for Golfer of the Year at Bangpra The course was in excellent condition with very slick greens that you either love or hate. We had 16 golfers. In 4TH , with 32 pts was Keith Allen (11).  In 3rd with 33 pts was Derek Phillips (12). In 2nd place, taking it on a countback, with 33 pts was Tim Knight (24). The winner , who is getting the hang of this game, with a great 39pts was Randy Tusing (35). Well done Randy

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