162nd PSC Monthly Golf Tournament

162nd PSC MEMBERS TOURNAMENT Tuesday 7th Nov 2017

Burapha Golf Course


Ron Gale


The November 2017 PSC Members Tournament was held at the Burapha Golf Course with 123 players turning up to participate in the competition, I am sure all the players that turned up enjoyed the day as the course was in immaculate condition and the weather was very favorable for playing and enjoying golf. We also held a free 19th hole pitching contest across the pond in front of the restaurant and from the comments from the players who participated everyone had a great time, I believe the pond was the biggest winner in this competition.

Many thanks to the Management & Staff of Burapha Golf Course for their assistance in the tournament and organizing the pitching contest and presentation venue outside in front of the restaurant.

I would also like to thank Mike from Burapha and Andre from Outback in organizing the great price that everyone was able to take advantage of in this tournament, I would also like to thank Andre’s wife Tawan who did a tremendous job in managing the distribution and collection of cash for all the green fees, caddie fees and cart fees

As above the presentation was held at the Burapha Golf Course outside in front of the restaurant, alas there was a poor turn out with approximately 35% of the players staying, I would like to make a comment here which is I have spent considerable time over the last two days correcting incorrect gossip to who was eligible for prizes and can only say that if people who think they have won a prize stayed for the presentations this would not happen.

Ron Gale with the assistance of Dick Warburg carried out the presentations and before announcing all the winner’s thanked all the players for playing in this event,     thanked the committee members consisting of Dick Warberg, Gerd Riedler, Marcus Earp for their assistance in presenting the tournament and also the Pattaya Sports Club Staff who assisted with the preparation for the Tournament.


Now to the results.

Low Gross Winner – Paul Smith (2) 74

A Flight: 1st – Mark Campbell (12) – net 70 (B Nine 39), 2nd – Garry Bright (12) – net 70 (B Nine 40), 3rd David Smith (11) – Net 71

B Flight: 1st – Gary Eett (15) – 42, 2nd – Michael Andersson (18) – 41 points (23 points on B Nine), 3rd – Brett Gale (20) – 41 points (21 points on B Nine)

C Flight: 1st – Bob Fagan (26) – 45 points, 2nd – Joel Flor (32) – 43 points (25 points on B Nine), 3rd – Willem Lasonder (26) – 43 points (20 points on B Nine).

Ladies / Seniors: 1st – Sumalee Wild (24) – 39 points, 2nd – Graham Buckingham (26) – 37 points, Wilawan Panngam (18) – 36 points


Technical Prizes:

Near Pins:


A Flight – Nigel Irvine, B Flight – Peter Thomas, C Flight – Joe St Laurent, Ladies / Seniors – Wilawan Panngan


A Flight – David Rose, B Flight – John Davis, C Flight – Henry Wong, Ladies / Seniors Flight – Oyjai Wilanan,


A Flight – Jeff Wiley, B Flight – Phil Davies, C Flight – Willem Lasonder. Ladies / Seniors Flight – Lise Lotte Pederesen


A Flight – Dave Smith, B Flight – Frank Tordeur, C Flight – Bob Fagan, Ladies / Seniors Flight – Tewin Lamthong.

Long Drive Hole B9:

A Flight – Mark Faught, B Flight – Brett Gale, C Flight – Jim Kurzara, Ladies / Seniors Flight – Suphin Stewart

Longest First Putt Hole No.18

Ken Aihara



19th Hole Pitching contest across Pond

Winner           Gary Eett                    54 cm

Inner Circle

2nd                 Paul Smith                95 cm

3rd                  Jim Kurzara               102 cm

Outer Circle

4th                  Sugar Ray                 156 cm

5th                    Wilawan Panngam  230 cm

6th                    Srinual Phatsadu    232 cm


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