Bunker Boys 17/8

Monday, August 13th

Mountain Shadow

1st Michael Brett (14) 35 points

2nd Raleigh Gosney (20) 31 points

3rd Peter Allen (28) 30 points.

Near pins Les Cobban X 2, Michael Brett X 2

The golfing week got off to a difficult start with a round at the challenging Mountain Shadow course. Scoring is always difficult at this course, today an extremely strong gusty wind at times made the course virtually unplayable and as a result, scores were in the low to very low range. Even our big guns such as Geoff Parker, Les Cobban, Robbie Watts and Jimmy Carr failed to register thirty points, it’s unusual for all to fail at the same time.

Peter Allen continues to make it into the winner’s circle and took third place with thirty points. Peter has lost four strokes off his handicap in recent times, could be he needs to lose a few more. Raleigh Gosney came in second a stroke ahead of Peter on thirty-one points whilst Michael Brett scrambled well and took first with thirty-five points. Only two near pins were registered so two each to Les Cobban and Michael Brett.

Off the course, the Bunker Boys recently ran a competition to pick the winner of The Open and the PGA and remarkably the winner on both occasions was Tony Robbin’s dog, who wouldn’t like a dog like that.

Wednesday, 15th August

Treasure Hill

1st Geoff Parker (14) 27 points

2nd Jack Penny    (18) 27 points

3rd Tony Robbins (24) 27 points

Near pins Peter Allen, and Frank Quinlan X 2.

Today the days of forty-four points being the winning score seemed a very distant memory. There is no way to sugar coat today’s results, four golfers were locked together on twenty-seven points and separated on countback. This is the lowest winning score anyone can remember for a long time, with no particular reason for the low scores.

Geoff Parker took first place, Kiwi Jack Penny second and Tony Robbins third, the one to miss out was Peter Allen also on twenty-seven, however, Peter did win a near pin and Frank Quinlan got two. After such a disastrous day one can only hope for better results on Friday. Today Jimmy Carr should have won except that he incurred a two-shot penalty not once but twice by playing the wrong ball, even with his own distinctive ball markings, Alzheimer’s strikes again.

Friday, August 17th

Kings Naga

1st Trevor Priestley (22) 33 points

2nd Geoff Cox (18) 33 points

3rd Frank Quinlan (36) 29 points

Near pins Les Cobban X 2, Les Hall X 2.

Another good low season number of thirteen for the last game of the week at the Kings Naga course. The condition of the course could best be described as shabby, fairways were in need of mowing, greens slow and bumpy. Overall the course would benefit from a bit of TLC but at the green fee price of three hundred baht that might be a bit much to expect. The game was punctuated by intermittent showers, but never heavy enough to halt play. Once again the issue of how to mark a golf card correctly raised its head and a mathematical effort by one of our members added to the confusion. After much checking and cross-checking, Trevor Priestley was declared the winner on countback from Geoff Cox who has had a good run of form in the last two weeks. Third went to Frank Quinlan who returned to the winner’s circle after a long absence. Only two near pins were claimed so two each to Les Cobban and Les Hall.

Winner at Treasure Hill Geoff Parker


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