Weekly Golf Report Mapbrachan Golf Society


Tuesday 12th March 2024

Pleasant Valley

1st Robert Charbonneau (15) – 37 points

2nd Booncheay (26) – 35 points

Thursday  14th March 2024


1st  Robert Charbonneau (14) – 39 points

2nd Willem Lasonder (33) – 37 points

Robert’s week again

On Tuesday we went to Pleasant Valley. It was a nice day, little bit cloudy and not to hot. The course was in good condition with nice green fairways.

Looking at the conditions we could have good results today, but this course is not easy, especially when you play from the blues.

Anyway, our man in form showed it again today. It is almost impossible to stop him. We were glad that Boonchaey could follow him. But at the end was it again Robert Charbonneau who was the best with 37 stable ford points. Boonchaey was the runner up with 35 points.

There was a battle for the spoon, but Seamus was the lucky winner and the only one with 2 prices.

The near pins were for Sam Jeffery, Seamus Oconnor and Maurice Paradis (2x).

On Thursday was our venue the Emerald. Again, a nice day with a good breeze and sunny and hot. The course is suffering of the drought. There were many yellow places and the fairways were hard. Good for the roll but sometimes not easy if the grass was disappeared. Many greens were sandy.

Again, was Robert Charbonneau the leader of the field. Willem Lasonder followed, but it was not enough. Robert won with 39 stable ford points. Willem was runner up with 37 points.

It was Seamus Oconnor’ s week for the spoon.

Our lady Booncheay was convincing on the par-3 and won 2 near pins.

The near pins were for Gordon de Wynter  and Booncheay (2x).

Seamus, Booncheay & Robert 1 12032024 Seamus, Robert & Willem 3 14032024